How does WPS combine two or several worksheets?

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How does WPS combine two or more worksheets? There is a simpler way than the formula! is "consolidation", sum, product, Variance, just add the merge area!


1, open the original form of data, this table a total of three months before the member points data, now need to count to the first quarter below;

2, select the first quarter of the table below the list, click "Data"-> "combined calculation";

3, Pop-up dialog box, select the function "sum";

4, then click on the next Figure button, data range selection;

5, the selection of tabular data;

6, then click the Next Picture button;

7, return to the window, click "Add", and then repeat steps 4, 5, 6, 7 for table selection;

8, three months after the end of the table selection, the window below the "left column" selected, click "OK";

9, the first quarter of the data table merged completed;

  Attention matters

Step 2 Hollow table to choose as much as possible, so that the number of tables can not repeat the data are all displayed;

In step 3 You can use a number of algorithms, such as add, subtract, multiply, divide and so on;

When you select a table in step 5, if you do not select the header in step 2, you cannot select the table header.

When the data is calculated, the table format needs to be adjusted.

The above is how WPS will two or several worksheets combined method introduction, hope to be helpful to everyone!

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