How does WPS document turn on or off eye protection mode?

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We often use WPS when we are in office. But often in the work of the computer, the eyes hurt very much, how to protect the eyes? In fact, WPS can be polite to guard the eye mode and night mode, if we both use the words can significantly reduce the fatigue of our eyes. Here's a look at WPS's eye-care mode and night mode.

1, first we need to open the WPS software

2, then click on the top of the "View" button

3, then we can see the night mode and eye protection mode

4, after the selection of the corresponding position will appear shadow, this note. As shown in figure

5, of course, night mode and eye protection mode can also be adjusted below.

6, to find the bottom, similar to the light bulb button, the tick on the note on the opening of the night mode or eye protection mode. If you want to close, just remove the hook.

Note: It is recommended to open Eye care mode, which is a little better for the eyes.

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