How does WPS draw a double y-axis column chart without overlapping?

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Want to draw a double Y axis chart, always overlapping? Six steps to solve! (For a small amount of data only)

1, data rearrangement, two columns of data location staggered; two rows of data are one item, and two blank lines are inserted between the items.

2. Make Column chart

3, check → chart secondary y-axis data → Right-click → data series format:

①→ axes → secondary axes

②→ options → classification interval: 0

4, check → main y axis data → Right click → data series format → options → classification interval: 0

5, part of the chart, x-axis text to show the exception, the solution: Right-click →x axis text → axis format → scale → category number (category axis tick marks between labels): 4

6, into the map

Note: If the second y-axis data is too small, difficult to select, you can stretch the chart.

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