How does WPS find duplicates?

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How does wps find duplicates?

? WPS table data too much, want to find duplicates is very difficult, and the workload will be very large, there is any way to automatically find duplicates. Below Le elder brother share wps to find repetition of the graphics and text tutorial, take a look!

WPS Find Duplicate Text tutorial

1, first we open the WPS form, and then click data = = Repeat = = Highlight duplicate = = Set

2, you can see our wps table, the nineth to tenth line of content and the sixth to eighth line repeat. How do I delete the duplicate contents of the table in bulk?

3. Select the table range to find duplicates--click "Data" on the menu bar--click "Duplicates" in the format bar = delete Duplicates

4, click "Duplicates" in the Drop-down list to find "Delete duplicates"--open the "Delete duplicates" check box, in the check box you can set the scope to find duplicates: For example, I clicked "Select All". --Finally click on "Delete Duplicates" on the OK.

5, delete the duplicate item after there is no duplicates, I deal with the results here as follows:

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