How Excel can calculate averages without subtraction

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How does Excel use subtraction to calculate averages? Microsoft Office is always in the forefront of Office software, especially Excel data table formula Flexibility is impressive, his flexibility is often a variety of ways to solve the same problem, such as the average, subtraction we are most familiar with, but do not have to add and subtract multiplier can directly apply some formulas to calculate, and a variety of ways, This experience teaches you one of the simplest average functions to compute the average of a single or multiple range (parameter) value in a cell, that is, how to calculate the average in Excel without subtraction, that is, the average formula application.


First open the Excel table you want to calculate, click the cell where you want to calculate the function, such as the figure Arrow ① point to Position, and then click the Insert Function button, like the figure Arrow ② point to position

Enter the Insert Function dialog box, select the "Statistics" category in the Select Category Drop-down box, such as the figure Arrow ① point to position; In the Select function option box, click the "AVERAGE" function, such as the figure Arrow ② point to position, click "OK" button

Into the Function Arguments dialog box, click Number1 Fill box to start filling and modifying the range of cells to calculate the average number of parameters (this experience is to choose B3:B14, readers can directly fill in and modify, this experience in order to better display, choose the cell with the mouse to select, directly empty to operate), as shown in the picture

Click Number1 Fill in the box, such as the figure Arrow ① point to the location, to clear (click if you choose to pull, you must remember to clear, otherwise the system defaults Add.) If you do not click on this fill box, you can draw directly. Then pull the range of cells that you want to calculate the average, like the figure Arrow ② point to position

After pulling, the effect is as shown, check if there are multiple or fewer cells, click "OK" button

Exit the Parameter Function dialog box, return to the Excel main interface, the effect is as shown. If you are familiar with the formula, you can enter it directly, as the figure arrow points to position

Attached: Example One

If the selection of multiple regions, directly in the Number1 fill box to pull the first cell range, in the Number2 fill box to pull the second cell range, such as the figure corresponding to the arrow pointing position

Appendix: Case Two

This method is the same as the example, in which multiple cell ranges are filled in Number1, separated by commas in each range of cells, as shown in the figure

Attention matters

Calculate a range of cells don't choose more or less, select the best check again

The above is how Excel does not use subtraction can calculate the average method introduction, the operation is very simple, everybody learns? Hope to be helpful to everybody!

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