How Excel makes a double pie chart

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How does Excel make a double pie chart? We all know that pie charts reflect a proportion of the overall relationship, in the use of the process can be based on their own needs to make, and sometimes in order to more highlighting the proportion of data relationship, the need to make a double pie, then how to make a double pie chart, the following for you to introduce a detailed, to see.


Start excel2003, open the prepared data, select cell B3, execute the Insert-function command, select the data area D3:d8 Click the OK button, the total number of seven grade is calculated, the same reason to calculate the eight grade and nine grade number.

Select A3:b5 this takes the data range, executes the Insert-Chart command, selects the pie chart in the Chart Wizard that pops up, selects the first in the child chart type, and then clicks Next.

In step 2 of the Chart Wizard, the data area in the pop-up dialog box refers to the =sheet1! $A $: $B $. Then click on the Series tab.

In the Series tab, click the Add button in the series to produce a series 2 in the series, select =sheet1! in the value $D $: $D $. Click Next.

In step 3 of the Chart Wizard, click the Legend tab, where the check mark in the front square of the show legend is canceled.

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