How Excel makes the pay bar

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1, open the Excel form, input our data, and then we in the next blank list, in the second row of the column, enter 1, 2, and then fill the entire column with the fill handle, such as the number of general, as we do the auxiliary column of the pay bar.

2, and then we copy the sequence we just entered into the column below, and then the column we just entered in ascending order. Select any data, switch to the Data tab, and click on the "Ascending" sign. Then the secondary column becomes 112233 ... A line of blank lines is inserted between each row.

3, at this time the role of the auxiliary column has been completed, now remove it. Select the column, click the right mouse button, and select Delete.

4, we select the table header data, click the right mouse button to select replication, select the worksheet area, and then press CTRL+G, the Positioning dialog box.

5. Select "Position Criteria" in the dialog box, select "Null value" in the Positioning dialog box and click "OK".

6, at this time the blank area will be selected and become a light blue, then we put the mouse in any one of the area, the right mouse click, select Paste.

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