How Excel makes three-dimensional data maps

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use ordinary charts for product sales demo, visual impact is not strong. If you use the 3D map to add a chart, it will give a refreshing feeling. You might think the process is too complicated. In fact, using Excel 2016 makes such an effect easy (Figure 1).

There is no need to use computational statistics such as functions, formulas, just the need to display field names, record data ready to do (Figure 2). Select the data you want (including the field name), and click the "Insert" tab to show the "three-dimensional map" in the area. Click the 2nd button at Layer 1 on the right side of the Map editing window to rename the layer. Use the text Box button on the toolbar to add a caption to the data earth. Then use the edit window to control the Earth's button to adjust the data Earth's display angle (Figure 3)

Next, make each scene that you want to show. Click on the "World map" in "New Scene" to add a new scene. Select the scene, rename the layer, and place the Add field. Regional Office Select "City", Point City right down arrow, select "City"; point "add Field", regional department select "Sales", point sales to the right down arrow, select "Average"; Finally, use the Control earth button to adjust the display angle of the data Earth (Figure 4).

After the main scene setup is completed, the design shows the distribution scene of each county. Click on the "World map" in "New Scene" to select the newly added scene, rename the layer; Place at the point "Add a field", the regional department select "County", click on the city right down arrow, select "Counties and cities"; height point "add Field", regional department select "Sales", click on sales right down arrow, select "Sum"; Categories at the point of "add fields", the regional department selected "county"; Click Add Filter in the filter, select City, and select city (such as Tangshan). Also need to adjust the data Earth's display angle.

Other cities in the county sales of the display, you can click on the toolbar "new scene" select "Copy Scene 3", set the method above, only in the selection of different cities. Excel Tutorials

After all the scenes have been added, click "Play Demo" to play the final effect. You can also output the final effect as a video file.

Small Tips

During the demo, the mouse is placed on the column chart to show the concrete meaning of the column.

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