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How does Excel set data error warnings? The validity of cell data in Excel tables is a very useful feature, and setting data validation can reduce the error of entering data. Limit the length of data (such as cell phone number), between a certain number (such as height), require a certain format (such as date), can only be fixed into a few options (such as gender, education) need to use data validation.


Data > Data validation, you can find this feature.

Data validation settings for sex

Select a column of sex, I hope this can only be fixed into the "male" or "female", the following figure to fill out the content. The source where "," must be in English state input.

Go to the Error alert and enter the following.

When you are done, you can see options selected.

When the input error, the stop warning will pop up, as long as the input is not correct will pop up, not allowed to fill in the error message.

Enter information

Look at the use of input information, such as the following to fill out, OK. Find a reminder when you click on a cell.

There are three styles of error warning

Stop, warning, information.

Stop and do not allow incorrect information to be entered.

Warning, allows you to choose whether to continue to enter the wrong information, choose No, you can not enter the error message.

Information, just reminders will not not allow you to enter.

Tips for entering the same content for multiple cells

When you select multiple cells, enter text in a cell, and then press Ctrl+enter to enter all the selected cells.

Data validation settings for date of birth

Data for the date of birth is a date and must be less than the current date now (), and then set an error warning.

Data validation settings for the ID number

The number of digits of the ID number is fixed to 18 digits, the text length is equal to 18.

Error warning set itself.

Data validation settings for height/cm

Height is an integer, and the normal height has a range, such as the next set.

Error warning set itself. It is recommended to use input information to remind you that the height unit is cm.

Attention matters

If there is a mistake, please verify that the comma, double quotes are not entered in the English state.

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