How Excel uses dynamic formulas

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I. Construction of dynamic formulas

In an Excel worksheet, you can design a dynamic formula if you view the statistical results of a dynamic region at any time:

Enter a function in a cell: =average (INDIRECT at the start of the data statistics area): INDIRECT (end position mark of the data statistics area))

For example:: =average (INDIRECT (A1): INDIRECT (B1))

This shows that the a1:b1 of these two cells represents the range of data statistics, not the actual range of data to be counted.

Next, how do you use a dynamic formula?

Ii. Use of dynamic formulas

If you need to count the values in the B2 to H51 area (and you can do other calculations)

As long as you enter D2 and H51 separately in the A1 and B1 cells, the corresponding mean values are displayed in the cell in which the function is located.

This is the specific use of dynamic formulas.

As we all see, the range to be counted is the mean value of the D2 and H51, but in practical applications we just need to enter D2 and H51 separately in the A1 and B1 cells to determine a cell address name.

The above method, I hope you can do it once, you will understand the mystery of it!

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