How extreme routing prevents people from stealing wireless networks

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The following is a small series for everyone to collect the "polar route how to prevent others to steal wireless network" All content, if you like the recommendations of small series, please continue to pay attention to learning.

To prevent others from stealing your wireless network, we recommend that you set a high security level encryption method: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security type, effectively prevent rubbing nets.

Pole routing to the user demand for the design concept, hardware parts using high-end materials, 100% lead-free, all SMD components, blue solder paint, safer, more environmentally friendly, all aluminum alloy shell, heat dissipation is excellent, beautiful fashion. Software part of the first 1+x acceleration engine, built-in 8g/16g storage space, providing the perfect acceleration service, the first market platform, aggregation of various applications, making the router truly intelligent, mobile phone remote control, real-time flow monitoring, more convenient, more secure.

The pole route uses the entire aluminum alloy to make the shell, this is in the present market sells the household level wireless router, is the only one section. All aluminum alloy material, not only play a beautiful role, but also can be very good protection of the internal motherboard, chip will not be impacted by external forces, the most critical is to be able to solve the equipment work of the cooling problem. Although the full aluminum alloy shell on the cost of an increase, but in the environmental protection has the very big benefit, if the future product scrap, the metal shell can the effective recycling, will not be like the plastic shell to cause "the electronic rubbish", this is also the pole route at the beginning of design planning good direction.

The whole design of the pole route is very small, the thickness is much thinner than the ordinary wireless router, even inferior to stand a dime coin is high; as compared to iphone5, the pole route also appears to be very small. The size of the pole route will not make you feel any discomfort, whether it is used at home or out of the way.

In the past, the power adapter of wireless router often takes up two to three socket space, which causes the serious waste of strip resources and is inconvenient for consumers to use. The design of the pole-routed direct-Plug adapter allows the space on the board to be no longer crowded and small and easy to carry.

Pole routing is a trans-era product, its birth enough to subvert the concept of the traditional wireless router, the whole market pattern, will also be a tremendous change. At present, the first generation of products, has entered the final stage of commissioning, in order to be more close to the needs of consumers, research and development departments of the product part of the function has been adjusted to achieve more stable performance. At the same time, the polar route also provides a variety of colors for consumers to choose, full aluminum shell, bring us a different texture.

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