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Android modifies existing ROM resource files

One, prepare to work

1. A development of mobile phones.

I recommend the best use of G7, but also on the HTC Desire that paragraph (is not some advertising suspicion ... , this machine all kinds of ROM are very full, the information is more, it is easy to brush to the root,android version is also the latest 2.3.3. Signature Tool
This is a must, many download points on the Internet, mainly for ROM signature

Package Unpack APK Tools

Second, the concrete steps

1. First the ROM package decompression, such as I used is, you will see two folders, Meta-inf,system, a file, boot.img.

2. Start system, then open the app, you will see a bunch of apk, these are the system of APK, such as desktop, telephone, SMS and so on in this face

3. Copy the xxx.apk to the Apktool directory, go to apktool directory in cmd, enter Apktool d xxx.apk ABC, there will be an extra ABC folder

4. Under ABC is to decompile the resource file, if a bit of Android Foundation, it is easy to understand the directory structure, we want to modify the resource files are under Res.

5. To modify the resource files under Res, it is best to modify the String.xml file, others do not understand the words are easily problematic.

6. After the modification, return to the Apktool directory, packaging Apktool b ABC, get out.apk file,

7. APK signature, here is not recommended automatic signature tool, why to sign someone else's name. First, create a signature file with Eclipse, Aaa.keystore,jarsigner-verbose-keystore Aaa.keystore-signedjar out_signed.apk out.apk Aaa.keystore this time get out_signed.apk, this is signed apk, and then change the name, you originally want to change the name of the file, copy back to cover it

8. Select, system,meta-info,root.img three files, compress to, remember zip format

9, will copy to Auto_sign, click Sign.bat, Get, this file is modified ROM

10. Brush machine is very simple, will copy to the SD root directory, shutdown, while holding down the sound of the key and power-on keys at the same time, will appear a list of brush machine methods, choose Recovery Mode, the following look at English can understand.

Thank you for reading, I hope to help you, thank you for your support for this site!

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