How autorun. inf is immune

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How autorun. inf is immune
We will not discuss how the autorun. inf virus is infected. Let's just talk about immune
The main points for immune to autorun. inf are:
1. prevent viruses from generating the autorun. inf file in the root directory of the drive.
2. prevent viruses from damaging our immunity measures
For the first point, we can create an autorun. inf folder in the root directory of the drive. The principle is that files in the same directory cannot be named the same as folders.
For the second point, we can create an undeletable directory in the autorun. inf folder we just created.
Take disk C as an example. The whole process is as follows:
Start, Run:
CMD ---- enter the command line
C: ---- enter drive C, type/"C:/" on some computers, no response, can be changed to/"C :///"
MD autorun. inf ---- create the autorun. inf folder
CD autorun. inf ---- open the autorun. inf folder
MD a .. // ---- create a folder that cannot be deleted
OK! In this way, you can create a folder named autorun. inf under the root directory, which contains a sub-folder named "a.". Try to delete it. Haha, You can't delete it.
Do it in your USB flash drive!
How to delete this folder:
Or enter C: // autorun. inf through the command line.
Input DIR/x
Check whether there is a messy string in front of the created Folder/"? You can think of this string as the real file name of "a.". Use this file name to change the name before deleting it.
Renamed syntax is
Rename old name new name

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