How long does it take for Apple Iphone6/ipad air to recharge? Charging considerations

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Only by mastering the correct charging posture can you maintain the iphone's battery and make the iphone "Long Long Life". So how long does it take to recharge your iphone? What do you need to be aware of when charging?

Charging time

In general, it takes 2-3 hours for the iphone to charge normally.

Charging considerations

1, there is a saying is that the first time the iphone is charged for 12 hours, but in fact not so, lithium battery first charge does not have to fill 12 hours.

2, with the use of charge, the battery has little effect;

3. It is best to have a complete point and charge process every week. That is, from the red to the full, that is, the best time of the week to achieve a battery quickly exhausted, and then filled.

4, the iphone has overcharge protection function, but it is recommended that the phone is full after the unplug, not recommended for a long time to recharge.

5, the iphone charging to 100%, unplug the charger is the best moment, charging 100% recharge an hour, its unplug the battery when the charger is not just to 100% Mange good, that is, full of electricity, IPhone6 has entered the overshoot protection, has stopped charging, The next time is just a battery-wasting process, so there is no need to overcharge.

6, when the iphone to bring low battery tips, should be in time to play the phone or call, charging as soon as possible to maintain the battery life. The above is the iphone's 6 big correct charging method.

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