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First contact with Mac Apple Computer users may not know how to uninstall the installed application software, before PC6 Small series has to introduce how Mac installation software, today to teach you how to uninstall software, in fact, very simple, let me see:

1. First we open the Finder, which is the first button on the left-hand side of our dock bar, and we click into it.

2, after entering we in the left-hand menu is not difficult to find the application of this option, we click into.

3, after entering we can see our computer installed on all of their own programs, we choose the software we want to uninstall, click the right mouse button, choose to move to the waste basket.

4, if you want to completely uninstall, we right-click the trash in the dock, click the right button, choose to clear the trash, you can completely remove the software you want to uninstall.

Note: The trash file is hard to recover, so it's important to consider whether or not the software you need to clean up before you clear it.

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