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SmartArt lets word layout with illustrations

First we create a Word document that lets you enter text manually or copy and paste the text directly from another document.

Now switch to the "Insert" tab and click the "SmartArt" button in the toolbar.

In the Open SmartArt dialog box, select a graphic style that you like.

Click OK to insert a SmartArt diagram in the text. Click the words "text", enter the text, you can scale the size of the text block arbitrarily.

Click on the graphic icon on your SmartArt to open the dialog box, select the appropriate graphics file, and insert some into the graphics box. And so on, insert the graphic in the other graphics boxes as well.

SmartArt graphics set up, in order to make the layout more personalized, you can try the alternative graphics and text mixed arrangement. Select the SmartArt graphic, and then switch to the smartart-Format tab, click Wrap Text on the toolbar, and select Cross-wrap.

When you're sure, the text will wrap around the graphic, and the layout is pretty. Of course, we can also try other surround effect.

SmartArt Second system ppt puzzle

Let's try the application of the SmartArt in PowerPoint to quickly create a beautifully elegant jigsaw effect.

First insert a few pictures in the PPT, then press CTRL + A to select them all.

Then switch to the Picture Tools-Format tab, click Picture Layout in the toolbar, and you'll find that your SmartArt graphic is actually open. The cursor slides from different styles to instantly preview the effect of the puzzle.

Choose a favorite layout, click to complete, a good-looking jigsaw effect on the completion of it, very cool it.

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