How can novice webmaster select the best virtual host space method?

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With the continuous development of technology, building a website is no longer a problem for us. even if you do not have any programming experience, you can easily start your website career with the current technology. Of course, for new webmasters who are interested in website construction

With the continuous development of technology, building a website is no longer a problem for us. even if you do not have any programming experience, you can easily start your website career with the current technology. Of course, for new webmasters who are interested in website construction, the first step is to consider how to select the best and most suitable virtual host space. The virtual host space is the foundation for the smooth operation of the entire website. here we will introduce how to select the best virtual host space.

Website construction program language

If you are a webmaster who has no foundation for programming, don't worry, you don't have to learn complicated PHP or. NET programming languages. With some popular CMS programs, you can quickly own your website. In this case, you can select the host space based on the CMS program language when selecting the host space. For example, if you want to build a blog website, you can choose the most popular WordPress to build it. the corresponding host can select a professional WordPress Host. To build a forum, you can select a professional Discuz host.

If you are a webmaster proficient in programming, you can choose based on the programming language. it is best to select a Linux host for the PHP program, although the current Windows host can also be well supported. If you are using ASP or C #, Windows host is your best choice.

Detection host speed

The loading speed of webpages directly affects the user experience on the website. Imagine a website with a loading speed as snail like, will someone wait patiently to view it? Therefore, the speed during host selection is particularly noteworthy. many host vendors provide some sample sites, we can use a number of third-party speed detection tools to detect the host speed of the host provider. Currently, we highly recommend the Hong Kong host, which can take into account both domestic and foreign access speeds.

Here, I tested my blog with my own blog: My blog is hosted on a host of host 91, a Hong Kong host provider.


From the test results, the average response time of all lines is 64 ms, the average response time in China is about 40 ms, and that in foreign countries is 147 ms. This speed is very fast compared to other hosts.

Host plan

The novice webmaster has little space requirements at the early stage of website construction. Generally, my personal suggestion is to select a space of about MB, which is sufficient for the development of the domestic site in about one year. For traffic, it is best to choose a host provider that does not limit the traffic. Although the traffic is not large, it will always feel a little uncomfortable if there is a limit. In addition, there is a need for special consideration about the size of the database. Xiaobian once encountered a host provider that claimed to be providing several GB of space for over 100 yuan. although the space is large, the data is limited to more than 10 MB, you need to pay for the excess traffic. In fact, this is quite uneconomical. Of course, whether the control panel is easy to use and the support does not support upgrade also needs to be compared.

Stability and Security

Stability and security can be considered in terms of hardware and software. In terms of software, it depends on the host environment built by the host provider. In terms of hardware, it mainly refers to the server used by the host service provider and the data center where the server is used. When I first selected host 91, I also considered its hardware. they used DELL's original server and the Hong Kong New World telecommunications's top-level data center, which is also worth the extra points.

Comparison of cost effectiveness

We all like the term "cost-effectiveness" to describe a product. The cost-effectiveness mainly covers the package, service level, price, and other factors of the host service provider host. Novice webmasters should not covet low-price Space. low-price space is usually not guaranteed in terms of functions and technical support, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to your later Management. Therefore, we must learn how to compare three products, pay special attention to the professional type and technical service level of the host service provider, and select a host with high cost performance.


At present, the editor is also a Rookie for playing websites. here is just a simple story of my personal experience. the host of host 91, the current host provider, was selected after comparison by multiple parties. So far, we are very satisfied with the overall situation, especially for speed and service quality. If you are still struggling to choose which host provider, I suggest you check out their address: host 91 ( ).

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