How markdown is taking over my various writing jobs.

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How markdown is taking over my various writing jobs.

For a program ape, nothing is more exciting than simply writing code. What would you think if you could write a document like code and not face the tedious style? It's Markdown! Even though the blog park has a lot of articles to introduce, but I still do not bother to recommend to you again.

This article does not introduce Markdown syntax, so you need to understand Markdown syntax see the Markdown Syntax description (Simplified Chinese version).

Why recommend Markdown?

I have to recommend markdown for the following reasons:

    • Attracted by Markdown's author Aaron H. Swartz .

      Swartz was born in 1986, and at the age of 14, he has joined the core Working Group on RDF. At MIT, he worked with web inventor Tim Berners-lee and helped develop and disseminate standards for data sharing on the web, and he joined others in writing about the current widely used RSS 1.0 specification. He is co-founder of Markdown, one of the three owners of the well-known social news site Reddit, and has created the Python Web application framework ...

      In July 2011, the United States federal grand jury sued Swartz for a huge amount of scholarly documentation from the JSTOR online magazine file system. Then, Swartz killed himself.

    • Just a text editor to open, easy to change, and very simple format.
    • let you focus on the content, not the style . Writing the most painful is to constantly adjust the style, even if the existing WYSIWYG editor, in fact, it is not good, you have to frequently click on the button set style, in the writing process will disturb you, interrupt your thinking. When you are familiar with Markdown grammar, you write the style exactly as you write the content.
    • You can have your articles published on any site that supports the Markdown editor, and also maintain a consistent style and content.
    • Write your article as if you were writing code. Can be saved with SVN. What if you want to save the HTML code? You change the style slightly, and then take a diff to see, the result is like word text comparison, a lot of style to you interference, simply can not achieve the purpose we want.

Using MarkdownPad2 as the Markdown editor

工欲善其事 its prerequisite, in fact markdown this about more than a year ago heard, but has not been used, the reason is not a good tool. Even if the simple grammar, if you can not appreciate the benefits of his, then it is useless, and once you have tried, it may be like the addiction of drugs. After using MarkdownPad2 , I quickly became acquainted with Markdown.

The effect of MarkdownPad2

Modify Style

MARKDOWNPAD2 provides a variety of HTML parsing styles, the default is the style of GitHub, basically can meet our needs, but for a character-seeking program ape, it is indispensable to customize it.

Click Tools, Options, or press F7to open the Options dialog box and edit the style to modify the style.

P.S. MarkdownPad2 is written in. NET, we have time to counter-compile to see, haha.

Writing in the blog Park with Markdown

Recently like to publish articles in the blog park, mainly because of the use of markdown, it makes me feel that writing is a wonderful thing. Sincerely hope that the blog Park will continue to improve the Markdown editor, so that it becomes better.

Open Markdown Writing function

Background management, set default editor, select "Markdown".

Little spit Trough, as a perfectionist, I hope all the articles can maintain the same style, but the old article must be used to edit the original cuteeditor, do not know whether to convert to Markdown Editor, the content does not need to be preserved, just do the editing, Because you do not want to delete the original article.

Change Style

To be honest, the default markdown style of the blog Park is really not as simple as the default style of GitHub, so we need to change the style.

"Options", "Blog settings", add page custom CSS.

Manage your notes with Markdown

I was originally a free user of Evernote International, but now I have to give up Evernote because he doesn't support markdown writing, especially when a programmer often records snippets of code, you know how ugly it is to record code in Evernote! Although there is a mark fly like this web plugin support, but I decided to give up Evernote, not only because the Mark Fei elephant now charge, mainly still can't understand why Evernote does not natively support markdown. I decided to use homemade for notes, the reason is very simple, because support markdown.

Turn on the markdown function

Opening the markdown function for notes is a bit of a wonderful idea: End in the title .md .

Then, copy the text of the Markdwon, it's so simple.

Modify Style

By convention, we still have to modify the style, after some groping, finally found the address of the store style:

Style found, hehe, I believe that the next thing to do is difficult to fall you! Let's see how it works:

The main thing is that the style on the phone is basically guaranteed to be the same! Unfortunately I can't find a way to change the markdown style on my iphone. However, it is enough to use. Goodbye, the ugly style of Evernote!

What else could markdown do?

should be supported in HTML format, markdown can use it, and as long as the corresponding conversion procedures, believe that the markdown format to Word documents, PDF documents is not difficult. Also heard that the markdown do a simple extension, you can write mathematical formula Oh.

Write Mail with Markdown

The students who have written the mail program should know that the mail is supported in HTML format, if you can use the markdown format, then the written message is not as simple as our blog and rich style.

What do you do? Very simple, copy markdown to the right of the HTML style to the mail can be, we look at the following example:

The other?

Would you please reply in the comments?

How do I support more styles?

At first you may be wondering if the syntax is enough. What are the possible fonts to be marked in red ?

It's really simple, just write your text like HTML code:

At first you may be wondering if the syntax is enough. Possible fonts to use <b style= ' color:red ' > Red </b> tag? What should I do?

Others can also extend anchor links, etc., as long as you know the HTML markup language!

How markdown is taking over my various writing jobs.

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