How to check the speed of the network by ping command

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First, in the Start menu in the Command box to enter cmd This command, as shown:

Second, will return to the DOS environment, we can enter the ping command to detect.

1, we first to detect the intranet is the speed of connectivity, if the intranet other machine IP is, we can ping,-t is always ping, as shown in the figure:

2, the following ping to ping the speed, for example, we want to ping the worry-free web site (, then you can enter ping, the results as shown in the picture:

Here's what you need to say, if this time after the 10ms (milliseconds), such as the number of the smaller the faster the speed, the slower the other, if the show "", the network is not pass, which is the intranet please check whether the network cable is not dropped, outside the net, please see whether the route or Web site reasons.

Third, the ping order use the detailed explanation

The above is how to ping speed of the relevant introduction, you can through the instructions above to understand how to ping the command to detect the speed, of course, if you want to know more about the use of ping command, you can enter the ping/?, which will display all the parameters of the ping command, as follows:

Usage: ping [t] [-a] [-N Count] [l-size] [-f] [-I TTL] [-v TOS]

[-R Count] [-S Count] [[-j host-list] | [k Host-list]]

[-w timeout] [-R] [-S srcaddr] [-4] [-6] Target_name


-T Ping the specified host until it stops.

To view the statistics and continue with the operation-please type control-break;

To stop-please type control-c.

-a resolves the address into a host name.

-N Count the number of ECHO requests to send.

-L size Send buffer size.

-F Sets the "Do not Fragment" flag in the packet (for IPV4 only).

-I TTL lifetime time.

-V TOS Service type (applies only to IPV4. This setting is not approved for use, and

Has no effect on the service field type in the IP header.

-R Count records the route of a count hop (for IPV4 only).

-S count Count Hop Timestamp (applies to IPv4 only).

-j host-list a loose source route with a host list (for IPV4 only).

-K host-list Strict source routing with the host list (for IPV4 only).

The-w timeout waits a time-out (in milliseconds) for each reply.

-R also uses routing headers to test reverse routing (for IPV6 only).

-S srcaddr the source address to use.

-4 mandatory use of IPV4.

-6 mandatory use of IPV6.

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