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The perfect domain name can easily let your site be remembered by the user, that year's hao123 why can quickly occupy the market, the most fundamental reason is this domain name is very good to remember. And this kind of domain name is also liked by the user, if the user is likes to visit the news every day, then your domain name is Xinwen is more easy to let the user remember? In addition, the perfect users have a domain name can also show your brand value, why some large companies willing to pay a large price to buy some more expensive domain name? ? That's what brand value is, so let me talk about how to register the perfect domain name. Hope to be able to help users have an Internet webmaster friends.

First, the domain name must be better remember

No matter what you do in the industry, domain name must be good to remember, if your domain name is not easy to remember how to improve the user's two return rate it? You can see now the digital Domain name and double spell users have a domain name is very popular, this is because good remember in mischief. In the domestic users have a habit, that is not like the use of favorites, they tend to change the user's link to your store to win a more like through the memory of a second search, so you must register the domain name of the site to register a good memory domain name, here are a few examples:

1, if you are women's clothing industry, and women's double spell is Nvzhuang, this domain name must be registered, then you can convert, nvzhuang123,nvzhuang520, these domain names can also be selected.

2, if you are to operate the brand, then the brand name can not ignore the value of the domain, Taobao why so let people remember, that is Taobao's brand value and the user's Taobao mentality, such as you want to do rebate net, then on Taobao on this basis to establish domain names, such as Taobaofanli, Taobaoyouhui and so on domain name, I think all compare the reality.

Second, the domain name must be "diverse"

With the increasing number of domain names, the suffix of the domain name is also gradually getting up, the more familiar suffix has. com,. cn,.,. NET, I think if as a webmaster you chose one of the domain after the name, then it is best to put these commonly used domain name suffix are registered, This will not only keep your store unique, but also allow your store to gain more traffic by setting up a switch link. Let's imagine, if you registered a domain name established by the website development is very good, and others see then with similar domain name to develop, then not will steal your labor fruit? So register perfect domain name can not forget the diversification.

Third, the domain name must be the top

Here said the top is to require webmaster in the registration of domain names when the choice of top-level service provider, now on the market there are many domain name registrars, and some dozen 50 yuan registered a COM domain name, 25 yuan registered a CN domain name banner in the market on the trend of publicity, how these domain name registrars credibility and how high? Webmaster in the registration of the domain name must see clearly you have selected the user has a domain name registrar has passed the National Domain name Registration Board CNNIC certification or through the International Domain Name Management Center ICANN certification, if this is not the case I suggest you or circumvent these domain registrars, Otherwise for a long time these domain name registrars have run away, how do you renew the domain name? and how to turn out their own domain name? So webmaster in the selection of domain name registrars must choose the top.

In my opinion, the registration of a perfect domain name is not said to spend a huge amount of money to buy, as long as the domain name can let users remember the first time, but also in line with industry thinking, then such a domain name is worth registering. When you register, do not forget the diversification and the top service provider Oh, this is a domain name registration is a key point. Here I also share my domain name Shanghai car rental, you webmaster Please support Oh, thank you.

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