How to register the top SJ domain name suffix

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The domain name big guy again scold millions of yuan, from overseas acquisition Acura 2 letter domain name To say now the domain name Circle most scenery, the most remarkable is afraid not "SJ" Mo belongs to, and "SJ" The meaning also was dug out at night! There are "data, mobile phone, time, social, test paper, business, design, driver" and many other good meaning, for online education, smartphones, e-commerce, car rental, friends and other current most hot industry is very applicable.

Admittedly our small and medium-sized investors are difficult to get a SJ beginning of the need domain name, but we can get a SJ suffix of the need domain!

That's right. SJ is also a top-level domain suffix, representing the country is Svalbard and Jan Mayen, belonging to the country domain name category. So want to register a sj domain suffix How to register it? Anti-Nick is the domestic open domain name registration of the most kinds of top-level domain name registrars, the country domain name has a wealth of management experience and registration experience, in the anti-Nick registered a SJ domain name completely no problem.

SJ Domain name registration address: HTTP://WWW.IISP.COM/DOMAIN/INTRO_SJ.PHP?S=ASDX

What are the requirements for registering SJ domain name:

SJ Domain name does not have any restrictions on the registrant, where the person can submit a registration application. The domain name registration period varies from 1-10 years, the domain name can hold forever as long as the renewal fee is on time.

What are the advantages of registering SJ domain name?

As a two-letter top-level domain suffix, the SJ domain name is more concise and easier to remember than it is. and SJ Domain name rich can register resources is the choice of SJ domain name of a major highlight. A good domain name is not necessarily short, but a short domain name must be good. This sentence is the domain name industry consensus, domain name registration process So-called pursuit is just a short easy to remember domain name, so when you in the COM domain name, net domain name and other mainstream domain name in the registration of the short domain name, SJ domain name will be a good choice!

Other domain name recommendation:

Anti-Nick has open TK, ML, GA,CF, GQ domain 5 kinds of free top-level domain interface, pay attention to the official website can be collected: free domain name application

How to register the top SJ domain name suffix

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