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Guide: I was February contact SEO, and then in March with cavity enthusiasm took over the site now. Nonsense not to say, below I will give you talk about how I put this site screwed ... Let everyone less detours.

First to explain some of the necessary background: February began to do SEO this work, I was in a large network company to do SEO, at that time the daily work is to send 80 included in the chain, or write 8 original. Anyway, no matter how many, it is as long as the quantity! So this rookie in my mind caused a misunderstanding, that SEO is crazy hair outside the chain, and then make up some original chaos.

3-4 months of hard work

Remember just take over the site, very passionate! Although just a station webmaster, but feel like I have a home on the internet belong to their own kingdom.

At that time the site was K, but fortunately, there is a home page. So I was in the previous method, every day everywhere hair outside the chain (about 30-40), and then every day to make up 4-5 articles.

So insisted on about 20 days, the site is included in the page


Even more surprising is that the site actually weights up to 2!!! Remember at that time I think they are too good, just contact SEO two months or so, not only a K station saved, but also increased the weight. At that time, I thought I was born to do SEO material.

But the last time, the weight of 2 did not enjoy how long, and then dropped to 1. This is the first time I experienced the right to fall. If careful friends also noticed, the main reason is that the number of chain drops a lot.


Chaos of the May

May I still press the previous pace, every day non-stop hair outside the chain and write some original. But some important keywords in the site have not changed much (relatively low), so I started to modify the title of the site for the first time. Added two geographical nouns (Chengdu, Guiyang)

Added two geographical keywords after the site, some key keywords ranking up to a relatively good position. So I think the change of title is a good medicine!


June Flying Snow

So unknowingly came to the June, the weight of the site is still 1, and some key keywords ranking began to decline.

So I thought: to enhance the ranking of keywords, you need to increase the weight of the site, to increase the weight of the need to do some indexed keywords, then it is best to have the Index keyword ranking method, is to modify the site title (also a large number of changes in the title, keywords and description of the page).


At first, there was no change in the site. I just found the weight flow a little strange ...


Baidu finally can not endure! In 6.28 My Site K became a big goose egg. No included, no snapshots, nothing. The sky seemed to collapse.


No July this year.

July is too tough! Every day looking at that motionless 0, and no Baidu snapshot a few words. The mood, experienced friends, I think you can understand.


But July is still a harvest, that is no longer hair outside the chain and disorderly writing articles, pay more attention to the chain and the quality of the article.

The most gratifying thing is that I did not give up.

August belonged to the boss

Because the site was K, the boss's business impact is still relatively large (this is also my most uncomfortable point). The boss is very good, and from the site was K after, also did not give me too much pressure, not to say "the end of the month did not recover you go" and so on, to tell the truth this is very grateful!

I can't imagine being fired by my boss because of my own fault, and it would cast a shadow over my work. Also dare not imagine, this and I am up and down for six months of the site away from me, I will be very uncomfortable. So, I can only smother my head to think how to restore the site. Whether you are on the bus or eating, you may find that there is a person who is silent thinking, sometimes the eyes shine, sometimes the eyes dim ...


Summarize my failure lesson: do not send low quality articles, do not send out the chain of junk, do not often modify the site title!

The above is my half year optimization station failure experience, hope can be helpful to you. Thank you for watching, Welcome to reprint.

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