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Many people on the blog and consulted on my iOS development how to improve, after some thinking, I can think of some of the following improvements, I personally also through these methods to improve.

Read the Blog

In this era of fragmented reading, blogs have been overshadowed by Weibo. And I keep writing blogs, and I read a lot about my peers ' iOS development blogs. Blog posts are usually about 3000 words in length, and many iOS development knowledge requires at least this space to be fully explained. And blogs do not have long publishing times for books, so reading blogs has a very good effect on getting the latest iOS development knowledge.

I carefully organized the domestic more than 40 iOS Development Bloggers blog address list:Https://, I hope you can cultivate the habit of reading blog.

There are also many excellent iOS development blogs abroad, their overall quality is higher than the Chinese blog, the following are some of the recommended blog address list:

    • Ray Wenderlich:
    • IOS Developer Tips:
    • IOS Dev Weekly:
    • nshipster:
    • Bartosz Ciechanowski:
    • Big Nerd Ranch Blog:
    • Nils Hayat:

In addition, use the Blog RSS aggregation tool (such as Feedly) to get a better blog reading experience. There are also many good blog reading tools on the phone (I use newsify). Using these tools wisely can also make full use of your debris time, such as on the subway and before you go to bed.


The content of the blog is usually only a detailed explanation of a knowledge point, and the book can be a systematic introduction to the entire knowledge tree. Compared to foreign countries, Chinese books are sold at a fairly inexpensive price, so this is actually a very cost-effective way to improve. We recommend that you read at least 1 high-quality iOS development books every year.

Last year's "iOS 7 programming pushing the Limits" and "objective-c Advanced Programming: iOS and OS X multithreading and memory Management " are good advanced readings. By the way, I am also writing an iOS advanced book, which should be available before the end of the year.

Watch WWDC Videos

Because of the rapid development of iOS, Apple brings us a lot of new knowledge every year. And for this knowledge, first-hand information is WWDC video.

Usually, a new iOS development knowledge will be in the first WWDC on the Apple public, and then about 3 months, there will be a domestic and foreign blog to introduce these knowledge, after six months or so, there will be foreign books to introduce these knowledge. So if you want to get to know the knowledge early, then only through the WWDC video.

Now every year the WWDC video will be gradually released during the meeting, the important video with English subtitles. Reading these videos will not only get the latest iOS development knowledge, but also improve your English listening skills.

Look at Apple's official documents

Apple's official documentation is quite exhaustive, and for unfamiliar APIs, reading official documents is also the most direct and effective way.

Apple's documents are large, suitable to choose some key to read, such as human-computer Interaction Guide is required to read, and other content can be encountered when the focus of resources to consult.

See the code for an open source project

We must have this feeling, many times with the text to explain half a day, rather than write a few lines of code come intuitive. Reading good open source project code, not only can learn the basic knowledge of iOS development itself, but also can learn the design patterns and other software architecture knowledge.

If the reader can participate in the development of open source projects, they can further improve their ability.

Write more code, think more

Knowledge accumulation can not be separated from practice and summary, I think iOS code volume if not more than 100,000 lines, is not known to be familiar with iOS development. Some students in the school, just do a few C + + 's big job, in the job resume inside write "proficient in C + +", it is really let people laugh and cry.

While writing more code, we should also be careful not to "reinvent the wheel", as far as possible to ensure that each write code can be reusable. In the code structure because the business needs to change, in a timely manner, while not leaving technical debt, we also need to think more about how to design the application architecture, to ensure that the flexible product needs to meet.

In the process of reconstructing and thinking many times, we will gradually accumulate a kind of problem "best practice" way, become their valuable experience.

More communication with peers

Sometimes it is difficult to solve the technical problems, and the peer of a few words of communication may make you enlightened. Other common technical problems are usually met before, a few simple instructions can let you find the right way to solve all of a sudden.

The communication between the domestic developers can be done through forums, microblogging, QQ group and other ways. In addition, the major companies sometimes run a technology salon, which is also a good opportunity to know peers.

Need to be particularly reminded that, and domestic developers to pay attention to the discussion of quality, some forums and QQ group discussion quality is very low, the question is to be obtained through simple Google, this community must be away from, to improve their communication efficiency.

In addition to the domestic technical community exchanges, it is recommended that readers can go abroad stackoverflow: to ask questions or answers.


The ways to share it are: launch an open source project, write a technical blog, and report at a technical meeting. There are some challenges in these ways, but if you can make a bold attempt, there will be great gains.

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How iOS Development improves

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