How is Dell's new magazine 7000 worth buying? Dell New Magazine 7000 evaluation

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The Magazine is a series of Dell's market for parity game, with its beautiful appearance and strong performance, it was loved by gamers at the beginning of the launch. Recently, Dell has launched a new version of the magazine, compared to the previous generation in the appearance of a huge change. Although the appearance of change but still have a cool look and strong performance, this test of the new 15 7000 can bring us surprise, we will wait and see.

In addition to color, the new style of the magazine in the appearance of the changes can be described as "shaking". In the design, the new style of the box with curved edge and small angle oblique cut two kinds of processing, plus the front and back polygon decorative lines, giving a different vision of the past experience. At the same time, the internal use of magnesium alloy fuselage frame, compared to the general game of the reliability of better. If the old style of the magazine is like Lamborghini, the new version of a slightly rounded fuselage more like the Bugatti Veyron in the super run.

Great changes in the appearance of the new magazine

Still using the classic red-black color

The machine still continues the classic red-black color, a surface is covered by a layer of skin material, feel warm and delicate, there is a "babyskin" feeling, feel very comfortable; The central logo is a black surface material, and the red intersection echoes, constitutes a fashion and has the game passion visual feeling. It can be said that the A-plane design is very attractive.

A side feel moist and delicate

The C side is still black design

Fuselage on both sides of the use of Arc package design, material and feel with a face consistent, from the side has been extended to the bottom edge, very integrated sense. The red Rim also provides a very clear sense of boundaries and ornamentation, which is most noticeable when opening a notebook. Whether it's B or C, the red edges are added to the black panel to be ornamental.

The curved package design is used on both sides

Before and after the machine is a small angle oblique cutting treatment, the two parts oblique angle is not the same, but the design style has similarities. Both are used hollow black material covering red material. The difference is that the front hollow processing covers the entire section, by a number of triangles neatly arranged together, constitutes a uniform style, while the left and right to hide the horn, and the back is divided into about two, open hole larger, shape and no front so rules, the following red for metal heatsink, A large heat sink can provide a very good cooling effect.

The hollow design of the front end of the new magazine

And the back is two huge cooling vents.

In the design of the whole machine, we have to say that the new one once again brought us surprises. Cool sports car design is not only beautiful engaging, at the same time it emits a sense of power is very consistent with the positioning of its game.

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