How is NetSuite software implemented?

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Now, at any time the rapid development of the Internet, NetSuite into China, many enterprises began to use NetSuite software, business system implementation can not rush one step, Hitpoint comprehensive consideration of customer needs and business situation, according to the module implementation. In the case of the project in accordance with the overall strategic direction of the enterprise, to ensure the landing of each requirement, while reducing the implementation cycle, to ensure efficiency and quality.

NetSuite Reporting and Business intelligence

The application of the system is not good, the performance of the report is very important. With NetSuite's powerful business intelligence, Hitpoint provides customers with comprehensive, pre-defined reports.

Management cockpit
Role Dashboard
Financial Analysis
Business Analytics
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Data migration

NetSuite's cloud computing features allow us to easily implement large-scale data migrations. Hitpoint with a professional technical team and experienced operational experience, to provide you with a safe and stable, excellent performance of the application experience. Migration services include site assessment, multi-site migration, and site application functional testing to ensure that the entire migration process is secure and smooth.


The adoption of the system generally depends on the management of the enterprise. They want to improve efficiency through the system, optimize business processes, and more easily focus on the overall business status and performance of the enterprise. While the end users of the most-used systems in their daily work cannot see the benefits of the system in the future, the new system that suddenly arrives for them needs to change the way it works, which can be an obstacle or even a distraction. In the early stages of the implementation of many projects, users will have some exclusion from the system.

Hitpoint after the completion of the project, the customer will be equipped with professional support staff, to help users become familiar with the system as soon as possible, and according to their work habits to make minor adjustments, the strategy from the initial system to establish the implementation of the final user use.

How is NetSuite software implemented?

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