How is the Sogou SR webpage index assessed?

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Sogou SR evaluation

I believe many Webmasters know PR, but there is also a Chinese evaluation system. Do you know? That is, Sogou's SR webpage index assessment.

Compared with PR, Sogou's evaluation system is relatively limited. It is only set up for Chinese websites, and its SR level is divided into 1-100, while PR is only 1-10, I believe everyone can see the subtle relationship between the two, right? Sogou's SR is more suitable for Chinese websites.

1. Level subdivision. Sogou Rank distributes values between 1 and 10 to 1, making it easier to compare the values on each page;

2. Sogou Rank only compares Chinese pages, which makes data more accurate for Chinese pages;

Official Description of Sogou: "Sogou Rank" is an indicator for Sogou to measure the importance of webpages. It not only examines the links between webpages, but also examines the link quality and relevance among links, it is automatically calculated by the machine based on the Sogou Rank algorithm. The value ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the webpage rating, the easier it to search.

Compared with PR, SR is updated faster. It is updated once a week according to the official statement, while PR is updated once in the first quarter. Comparing this, we can see that SR is more user-friendly.

When using Sogou for search, the first search result will display the URL's rating, title, summary, link, size, update time, and other information, the following lists the web pages that link to the page. These results are an important reference for you to optimize the web page and improve the web page rating.

What skills are required to improve SR? Let me give you a brief description.

1. Number of links:

Use the link command to query reverse links of a website, for example, link: Generally, websites with a large number of links have fewer links and are ranked higher.

2. Link quality:

Not all links are equal. The higher the weight of the reverse link, the easier you will get the SR.

3. Link relevance:

Sogou pays more attention to links to websites, and many may be confused. For example, if you are a news website and you have connected to an SF Site, even if his SR and PR are higher, you will not enjoy much benefits from him.

IV. Number of entries included:

Compared with Google, Sogou will pay attention to the number of indexed items when evaluating the SR. The larger the number of indexed items, the larger the SR increase.

V. Original content:

According to the official SR statement, Sogou will automatically distinguish between original and reprinted content, so that the original content is easier to obtain the SR's affinity.

The above are my views on Sogou SR, hoping to provide some guidance. Don't always think PR is important. Chinese people's things are worth our attention.

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