How is the Win7 system optimized?

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first, use the kernel skillfully, speed up the Win7 system to start

1, in the Win7 system by default is the use of a processor startup (instant use of a single core startup), now on the market most of the computers are multi-core processors, the so-called people are more powerful, the processor is the same! After the number of cores to start up, the boot speed will increase naturally!

2, the following to introduce you to increase the number of start-up kernel set method:

3, open the Start menu in the Search Program box, enter the "msconfig" command, open the System Configuration window to find the "boot" option (English system is boot).

Second, Msconfig order

1, Win7 has a powerful and convenient search bar, remember some commonly used commands, can let you operate faster.

2, click on "Advanced Options" at this time you can see we will modify the settings.

3. Advanced Options

Check "processor count" and "Maximum memory", see how big your computer options are, you can choose how big, the computer here is the largest support to adjust the processor to 2, your machine may be higher (the number of processors is usually 2,4,8), while large memory, to determine the restart computer after the entry into force, Now look at whether the system startup time is accelerated. If you want to know exactly how much time is saved, you can start by recording a detailed comparison of the time that was used before the boot.

Third, speed up the shutdown of the Win7 system

1, above teach everyone to speed up the Windows 7 system, the natural shutdown can also speed up. Although Windows 7 is shutting down faster than previous Windows XP and Vista systems, you may find it quicker to change the registry slightly. or enter "regedit" in the search box at the Start menu of the Windows 7 system to open Registry Editor, regedit open Registry Editor

2, then go to find Hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/control one of the open, you can find that there is a "waittokillservicetimeout", Right-click Modify to see the Windows 7 default value is 12000 (for 12 seconds), here you can modify the value of the appropriate lower, such as 5 seconds or 7 seconds.

3, adjust the value

After setting up, click OK to reboot the computer, then turn off the machine again and you will be surprised to find the time is shortened.

4, remove redundant fonts in the system

Perhaps you do not know that the Windows system in a variety of default fonts will also take up a lot of system resources, for Windows 7 performance requirements of users do not hesitate to remove redundant fonts, leaving only their own commonly used, which can reduce the system load to improve performance will also be helpful.

Open the Windows 7 Control Panel and look for font folders, and if you open your Control panel like this window,

5, adjust the value

After setting up, click OK to reboot the computer, then turn off the machine again and you will be surprised to find the time is shortened.

6, Control Panel

Then click on the top right corner of the view, select the category "Large Icon" or "small icon" can be, so you can successfully find the font folder.

7. Delete Fonts

All you need to do is go into the folder and delete all the fonts that you've never used or don't know, and the more fonts you delete, the more free system resources you'll get. Of course, if you are worried about the use of these fonts in the future is not easy to find, it can not take the deletion, but will not use the fonts saved in another folder on the other disk can be.

8, window switching speed

The beauty of Win7 makes many users greatly appreciate, but beauty but pay performance as a price, if you are a beauty person then this may not be chosen, because I want to introduce you to the trick is to turn off the window in the Win7 system to maximize and minimize the effects, once the effect is closed, The window switch is fast, but you will lose the visual enjoyment, so modify or not you decide.

Close this effect is very simple, the right mouse click on the Start menu computer, open the Properties window, click the "Performance Information and Tools" item, in a new window to open the "Adjust visual effects" item, you can see the visual effects of the adjustment window.

Win7 The default is to display all the visual effects, where you can also customize some of the display effects to improve the system speed.

9. Adjust visual effects

The last item in the list maximizes and minimizes the visual effects of the dynamic Display window when the window is removed completely no problem, do it now!

10. Turn off system search Indexing Service

This approach is ideal for users who have good file management habits because they know exactly where each required file is stored and can be found quickly when needed, so the Win7 service is redundant, and switching off the service is a great help for saving system resources.

In the Start menu in the Search box, enter "services" to open the program immediately, find the "Windows search" in the local service, and then right-click to choose to stop this service!

11, choose to stop this service

Of course, if it's for users who absent-minded all day, this optimization is a direct skip, because this service in Windows 7 improves the efficiency of searching indexes and saves a lot of time searching for files, and it's faster when you can't find the location of your files.

12. Turn off system sound

Think about the system beep. Do you really need it? I think for most like the small part of the office of the family, at work, anyway, can not let the machine casually affect others, it would be better to complete the system beep off the release point system resources out more. Still in the control Panel to find the "sound" option to open, and then in the Voice Control tab, remove the Win7 system default check "Play Windows Start Sound" item.

Turning off the system beep does not affect the sound of your computer playing multimedia files, but don't worry.

13, toolbar optimization

Win7 's toolbar preview function is a very cool feature, so many users fondle admiringly, but for some users of the machine configuration is low, this is not very useful, my own machine configuration is not advanced have feelings. Directly off the toolbar preview function is always a bit, how to say this is also a symbol of Windows 7, but to use the preview every time you need to wait a long time, really makes people headache. If your machine is not really that fluent, then we can try to shorten the window preview time to speed up the preview.

Enter "regedit" in the search bar in the Windows Start menu to open Registry Editor, and then carefully locate the hkey_current_user/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/ Explorer/advanced folder, right-click the folder and select "New DWORD Value" and name it "Thumbnaillivepreviewhovertime".

14. Open Registry Editor

The value of this item is then modified to a decimal number, because the unit time is milliseconds, so you can fill in a three-digit value, such as 200,300 ... Under normal circumstances can be modified according to the use of personal habits at any time. Close Registry Editor After the modification is complete, and restarting the computer will take effect. Because it involves modifying the registry, it is recommended that users unfamiliar with the registry be careful to see each step carefully.

15. Optimize System Startup Items

This operation is believed that many computer users have been used in previous Windows systems, using a variety of system optimization tools to clean up the redundant program of the startup items to achieve the goal of optimizing the speed of the system to start. This is certainly true of the Windows 7 operating system. Users continue to install a variety of applications in use, some of these programs are added by default to the system startup items, but this may not be necessary for users, but it causes slow boot, such as some player programs, chat tools, etc. can be used when the system is ready to use when you need to open, Let these programs start taking up time with the system you don't have to use it right away without saying it.

Cleaning up system Startup items can be achieved with some system optimization tools, but we can do it with other tools, type "msconfig" in the Start menu in the Search field to open the System Configuration window to see the "Startup" option, from where you can select some unwanted startup items to disable, thus speeding up windows 7 start speed.

16, useless startup items are disabled

To remind you that the most disabled applications are the best they know, like anti-virus software or the system's own services do not move appropriate.

17. Turn off Windows Aero effects

The aero effect in the WIN7 operating system is the gorgeous user interface that Microsoft has added to the Vista era, which gives the user a new sense of the effect that allows users to see through the desktop at a glance. Two exciting new features of Aero, Windows Flip and Windows Flip, make it easy to manage Windows visually and conveniently on your desktop. In addition to new graphics and visual improvements, Windows Aero Desktop performance is as fluent and professional as it looks, bringing a simple and high quality experience to the user. The use of this special effect is found to have cost a lot of system resources to achieve. If your response to the system requires higher than the appearance of the performance, then you might as well turn it off!

Right-click on the desktop to open personalization, and then click the "Window Color" option, in the pop-up window to remove the Windows 7 Default check "Start transparent effect", you can turn off the aero effects, but this way Windows 7 interface aesthetics will certainly be affected

18. Turn off all unnecessary Windows services

Finally this optimization initiative is to be given to everyone, because the use of each system service depends on the actual use of the individual, the large number of services provided in Windows 7, while occupying a number of system memory, may not be fully used by many of you, but given that most users do not understand the meaning of each service , the small series does not recommend this item for ordinary users to use. But if you are an advanced user and fully understand the role of Windows service items, you can bring up the Windows Service Item Management window to check each, and close some of them that you never use to improve system performance.

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