How long does it take to develop a shared express cabinet solution?

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In the Internet and science and technology so developed today, "The last mile problem" still exists in a number of industries, the booming courier industry is no exception, express "The last 100 meters" delivery to become the pain point of the industry: users are not at home, sent to the company inconvenient, collection easy to lose; Low efficiency and increased costs. To solve this problem, shared express cabinet came into being.

Sharing products in the field of product solutions and development, the reason is the development of technology and people's demand for life, sharing not only idle use, more convenient, to our lives to bring some new experience to not be less interested in new things. Shared Express Ark of the scheme development can give us a lot of changes, in the Shared Express Cabinet program can see some development prospects.

At present, this shared express cabinet solution, basically solved: the user does not need to worry about the courier is littering, sending and receiving errors or even lost. Couriers use shared express cabinets to improve delivery efficiency while reducing shipping costs. From this point of view, this is a multi-win solution.

This model is very similar to the most popular shared bikes nowadays: companies are placing a large number of express cabinets to occupy the market, users (including consumers and couriers, courier companies) through the offline flow, forming a commercial closed loop.

As an alternative to the last mile solution, community convenience stores, post stations, and collection points never give up on the end of the distribution market for Smart Express cabinets. "Express + Convenience store" mode on the one hand to reduce the distribution costs of logistics enterprises, on the other hand, the collection point to bring passenger traffic and even income generation.

Shared Express Cabinet Solution: Shared Express Cabinet is a simple operating system, which is composed of metal cabinets and intelligent touch screen system. can be accessed through the public number, apps, small programs and other platforms, you can directly enter the verification code or scan QR code to operate.

According to the prompt of the intelligent touch screen of the shared express cabinet, it is easy to complete a variety of operations, its back-end system can view the number of registered information, can be combined with data operation.

For example: Storage courier, through the contact with the courier, the goods stored in the Shared Express Ark, only need to follow the process to set the password, courier through the password will be desirable to go items.

Shared Express cabinets can also be made into storage cabinets, the temporary storage of their belongings here is also a great convenience.

Shared Express Cabinet: Shared Express Cabinet development interface, can be in the public number for payment use, or directly in the Courier Cabinet Scan code QR code payment use, riding in time rules can be set according to the situation of the operator.

Shared Express Ark in the logistics system is a relatively good resource integration and reuse system, people will be more reasonable use of time, improve the quality of life.

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