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Chapter 1: Basic. NET Framework
(B) What is an Il?
(B) What is a CLR?
(B) What is CTS?
(B) What is a Cls (Common Language Specification )?
(B) What is a managed code?
(B) What is a assembly?
(A) What are the different types of assembly?
(B) What is namespace?
(B) What is difference between namespace and assembly?
(A) If you want to view an Assembly how do you go about it?
(A) What is manifest?
(B) Where is version information stored of an assembly?
(I) Is versioning applicable to private assemblies?
(B) What is GAC?
(I) What is the concept of Strong names?
(I) how to add and remove an assembly from GAC?
(B) What is delay signing?
(B) What is garbage collection?
(I) Can we force Garbage Collector to run?
(B) What is reflection?
(A) What are different types of JIT?
(B) What are value types and reference types?
(B) What is concept of boxing and unboxing?
(B) What is the difference between VB. NET and C #?
(I) What is the difference between system exceptions and application exceptions?
(I) What is code access security?
(I) What is a satellite assembly?
(A) How to prevent my. Net DLL to be decompiled?
(I) What is the difference between convert. tostring and. tostring () method?
(A) What is native image generator (ngen.exe )?
(A) if we have two version of same Assembly in GAC how do we make a choice?
(A) What is codedom?
Chapter 2: Net interoperability
(I) How can we use COM components in. Net?
(I) We have developed the com wrapper do we have to still register the com?
(A) How can we use. NET components in com?
(A) How can we make Windows API callin. Net?
(B) When we use Windows API in. NET is it managed or unmanaged code?
(I) What is com?
(A) What is reference counting in com?
(A) Can you describe iuknown interface in short?
(I) Can you explain what DCOM is?
(B) How do we create DCOM Object in VB6?
(A) How to Implement DTC in. Net?
(A) How many types of transactions are there in COM +. Net?
(A) How do you do object pooling in. Net?
(A) What are types of compatibility in VB6?
(A) What is equivalent for regsvr32 EXE in. Net?
Chapter 3: Threading
(B) What is multi-tasking?
(B) What is multi-threading?
(B) What is a thread?
(B) Did VB6 support multi-threading?
(B) Can we have multiple threads in one app domain?
(B) Which namespace has threading?
(A) What does address of operator do in background?
(A) How can you reference current thread of the method?
(I) What is thread. Sleep () In threading?
(A) How can we make a thread sleep for infinite period?
(A) What is suspend and resume In threading?
(A) What the way to stop a long running thread?
(A) How do I debug thread?
(A) What is thread. Join () In threading?
(A) What are daemon threads and how can a thread be created as daemon?
(A) How is shared data managed in threading?
(I) Can we use events with threading?
(A) How can we know a state of a thread?
(A) What is use of interlocked class?
(A) What is a monitor object?
(A) What are wait handles?
(A) What is manualresetevent and autoresetevent?
(A) What is reader writer locks?
(I) How can you avoid deadlock in threading?
(B) What is the difference between thread and process?
Chapter 4: remoting and WebServices
(B) What is an application domain?
(B) What is. Net remoting?
(B) Which class does the remote object has to inherit?
(I) What are two different types of remote object Creation Mode in. Net?
(A) describe in detail basic of Sao architecture of remoting?
(A) What are the situations you will use Singleton architecture in remoting?
(A) What is fundamental of published or precreated objects in remoting?
(A) What are the ways in which client can create object on server in Cao model?
(A) Are Cao stateful in nature?
(A) To create objects in Cao with 'new' keyword what shocould be done?
(I) Is it a good design practice to distribute the implementation to remoting client?
(A) What are leasetime, sorshiptime, renewoncalltime and
(A) Which config file has all the supported channels/protocol?
(A) How can you specify remoting Parameters Using config files?
(A) Can non-Default constructors be used with single call Sao?
(I) How can we call methods in remoting asynchronously?
(A) What is asynchronous one-way CILS?
(B) What is distributed alling and what are different kinds of distributed alling?
(A) What is objref object in remoting?
(B) What is a Web service?
(B) What is UDDI?
(B) What is disco?
(B) What is WSDL?
(A) What is the different phase/steps of acquiring a proxy object in Web service?
(A) What is the different phase/steps of acquiring a proxy object in Web service?
(B) What is file extension of Web Services?
(B) which attribute is used in order that the method can be used as WebService?
(A) What are the steps to create a web service and consume it?
(A) Do WebService have state?
Chapter 5: caching concepts
(B) What is an application object?
(I) What is the difference between cache object and Application object?
(I) How can get access to cache object?
(A) What are dependencies in cache and types of dependencies?
(A) Can you show a simple code showing file dependency in cache?
(A) What is cache callback in cache?
(A) What is scavenging?
(B) What are different types of caching Using Cache object of ASP. NET?
(B) How can you cache different version of same page using ASP. NET cache object?
(A) How will implement page fragment caching?
(B) Can you compare ASP. NET sessions with classic asp?
(B) which are the various modes of storing ASP. NET session?
(A) Is session_end event supported in all session modes?
(A) What are the steps to configure StateServer mode?
(A) What are the steps to configure sqlserver mode?
(A) Where do you specify session state mode in ASP. NET?
(B) What are the other ways you can maintain state?
(B) What are benefits and limitation of using hidden fields?
(B) What is viewstate?
(A) Does the performance for viewstate vary according to user controls?
(B) What are benefits and limitation of using viewstate for State management?
(B) How can you use hidden frames to cache client data?
(I) What are benefits and limitations of using hidden frames?
(I) What are benefits and limitations of using cookies?
(I) What is query string and what are benefits and limitations of using query strings?
(I) What is absolute and sliding expiration?
(I) What is cross page posting? 93
(I) How do we access viewstate value of this page in the next page?
(I) Can we post and access view State in another application?
(I) What is SQL cache dependency in ASP. NET 2.0?
(I) How do we enable SQL cache dependency in ASP. NET 2.0?
(I) What is post cache substitution?
(I) Why do we need methods to be static for post cache substitution?
Chapter 6: Oops
(B) What is object oriented programming?
(B) What is a class?
(B) What is an object?
(A) What is the relation between classes and objects?
(B) What are different properties provided by object-oriented systems?
(B) How can we achieve inheritance in VB. NET?
(I) What are abstract classes?
(B) What is a interface?
(A) What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces?
(B) What is a delegate?
(B) What are events?
(I) Do events have return type.
(A) Can events have access modifiers?
(A) Can we have shared events?
(I) What is shadowing?
(A) What is the difference between shadowing and overriding?
(I) What is the difference between delegate and events?
(B) If we inherit a class do the private variables also get inherited?
(B) What is the different accessibility levels defined in. Net?
(I) Can you prevent a class from overriding?
(I) What is the use of "must inherit" keyword in VB. NET?
(I) Do interface have accessibility modifier.
(A) What are similarities between class and structure?
(A) What is the difference between class and structure's?
(B) What does virtual keyword mean?
(B) What are shared (VB. NET)/static (C #) variables?
(B) What is dispose method in. Net?
(B) What is the use of "overrides" and "overridable" keywords?
(A) where are all. Net collection classes located?
(A) What is arraylist?
(A) What is a hashtable?
(A) What are queues and stacks?
(B) What is Enum?
(A) What is nested classes?
(B) What is Operator Overloading in. Net?
(I) For the below code which constructor will fire first?
(B) What is the significance of Finalize method in. Net?
(I) How can we suppress a Finalize method?
(B) What is the use of dispose method?
A) How do I force the dispose method to be called automatically, as clients can forget
Call dispose method?
(I) In what instances you will declare a constructor to be private?
(I) Can we have different access modifiers on get/set methods of a property?
(I) if we write a goto or a return statement in try and catch block will the finally Block
(A) What is indexer?
(A) Can we have static indexer in C #?
(A) Can two catch blocks be executed?
(A) What is the difference between system. String and system. stringbuilder classes?
Chapter 7: ASP. NET
(B) What is the sequence in which ASP. NET events are processed?
(B) in which event are the controls fully loaded?
(B) How can we identify that the page is post back?
(B) How does ASP. NET maintain state in between subsequent request?
(A) What is event bubbling?
B) How do we assign page specific attributes?
(A) How do we ensure viewstate is not tampered?
(B) What is the use of @ register directives?
(B) What is the use of smart navigation property?
(B) What is appsetting section in "Web. config" file?
(B) Where is view State information stored?
(I) What is the use of @ output cache directive in ASP. NET.
(B) How can we create custom controls in ASP. NET?
(B) How many types of validation controls are provided by ASP. NET?
(B) Can you explain "autopostback "?
(B) How can you enable automatic paging in data grid?
(B) What is the use of "global. asax" file?
(B) What is the difference between "Web. config" and "machine. config "?
(B) What is a session and Application object?
(A) What is the difference between 'server. Transfer 'and 'response. redirect '?
(A) What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
(I) What is impersonation in ASP. NET?
(B) Can you explain in brief how the ASP. NET authentication process works?
(A) What are the various ways of authentication techniques in ASP. NET?
(A) How does authorization work in ASP. NET?
(B) What is difference between data grid, datalist, and repeater?
(A) From performance point of view, how do they rate?
(B) What is the method to customize columns in data grid?
(B) How can we format data inside data grid?
(A) How to decide on the design consideration to take a data grid, data list, or repeater?
(B) Difference between ASP and ASP. NET?
(A) What are major events in global. asax file?
(A) what order they are triggered?
(I) Do session use cookies?
(I) How can we force all the validation control to run?
(B) How can we check if all the validation control are valid and proper?
(A) If client side validation is enabled in your web page, does that mean server side code
Is not run.
(A) Which Javascript file is referenced for validating the validators at the client side?
(B) How to disable Client Side script in validators?
(A) How can I show the entire validation error message in a message box on the client
(B) You find that one of your validations is very complicated and does not fit in any of
Validators, what will you do?
(I) what exactly happens when ASPX page is requested from a browser?
(B) How can we kill a user session?
(I) How do you upload a file in ASP. NET?
(I) How do I send email message from ASP. NET?
(A) What are different IIS isolation levels?
(A) Asp used STA threading model, what is the threading model used for ASP. NET.
(A) What is the use of <% @ page aspcompat = true %> attribute?
B) explain the differences between server-side and client-side code?
(I) Can you explain Forms authentication in detail?
(A) How do I sign out in Forms authentication?
(A) If cookies are not enabled at browser end does form authentication work?
(A) How to use a checkbox in a data grid?
(I) What are the steps to create a Windows Service in VB. NET?
(A) What is the difference between "Web farms" and "Web Garden "?
(A) How do we configure "Web Garden "?
(B) What is the main difference between grid layout and flow layout?
(I) What's the difference between trace and debug in ASP. NET?
(A) How do you enable tracing in on an ASP. NET page?
(B) Which namespace is needed to implement debug and trace?
(A) Can you explain the concept of Trace listener?
(I) What are trace switches?

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