How many years of application software remains alive?

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Looking at my self-built dual-core computer, it is rare to feel the refreshing usage of the computer's performance improvement. Of course, based on my experience, this feeling disappears after a maximum of one week, and then begins to lament that the system is slowing down. however, I think back to the computer with a processor clock speed of only MHz, which is full of memories. as a result, I have developed a lot of old software that can be stored, some of which can still be used, but some of which can only be run under virtual machines, or even some of the floppy disks I have turned out, I even don't even have a 3.5-inch floppy disk. I think it's a problem that I didn't even start a computer. Now I don't need it anymore.

One of the world's first anti-virus software

QQ is undoubtedly the most familiar one. It was also called OICQ, and the Chinese name was not a chat software at the time, and it was also called a network Pager (when it first came out, it was the hottest time for the bpserver ), functions
Single chat is probably the main function used by many friends at the time. At that time, the author had a poor network speed at home and had to take up telephone lines. So I registered a QQ number with no tables, and I forgot my password again and again.
It is a pity that the six-digit and seven-digit numbers are worth a lot of money now.

However, it didn't take long for the OICQ defendant to lose the right to use OICQ. After that, it was considered a new QQ that everyone was familiar. Compared with the powerful QQ, I still prefer the simple and quick chat tool. Now, a QQ Software is like a Microsoft operating system, it is clear that everyone uses a very simple function, but it still needs to integrate a large number of functions like the Swiss Army knife, which takes a considerable amount of time to download.

However, as the world's most popular online chat software at that time, OICQ has been on a poor track. Some friends who once played Cs on their home may have noticed that, BOT opponents not only fight against you, but also
We will also keep refreshing our screen chat, and we need a part of your OICQ number. However, as of today, OICQ is not comparable to MSN in North America and can only fight with Yahoo! To kill the market, while China has a very high number of users.
It is completely occupied by QQ, and even powerful software such as MSN can only be overwhelmed and cannot be turned over.

■ From hard decoding to soft decoding, the movie looks better.

Hajun is a super expert. Do many friends with this name have a sense of identity? The author remembers that the first Media Player software used at the time was the hajun super solution 5.5, which was later needed as xingplay.
Despite my long-cherished enthusiasm for the High-investment products such as decompression cards, I had been unable to consume them at that time. However, I was watching Chen paisi, which is currently a little frame-dropping. At that time, I felt like there was something to do.
Value, although at that time, even if the pirated disk is still sold for 35 yuan.

Later, the solution provided the function of capturing MP3 files from the CD track and video clips from the VCD. It was a time before the super solution launched. However, with the emergence of a large number of similar software such as the Oriental Film Festival, the solution was compatible with the super solution.
The problem of sexual insufficiency began to be exposed, until the RM cartoons appeared in large numbers, replay was well known overnight, and when the final storm audio and video went viral, the author found that in the media player, this may be the author for more than a decade.

Not long ago, I learned from the news that hero Chao was acquired by jieba. The old brother of the year has now completed his historical mission. Just like that, the waves of the Yangtze River have pushed forward, the waves died on the beach. Obviously, this super solution can only play a leading role. I don't know if there will be any strong products after the storm.

■ Eliminate the first generation of compression software

WINZIP, many people can only sigh with a sigh of relief when they see this icon. after entering the WINDOWS era, ZIP is a very popular tool for compressing software. But in my impression, the live time of this thing is indeed a little short.

Since ZIP has rescued everyone from ARJ, ZIP has never been visible as a super-powerful app. I didn't know much about what happened during that time, But I later learned about it and ZIP.
Similar software appeared, called WINRAR. A few years later, we only saw RAR in our computer, but ZIP had no idea where to go.

Many may ask why I have such feelings for ZIP. In fact, this is mainly because I borrowed a large number of CDs from my classmates after I had an optical drive, usually, hundreds of ARJ files are stored on a CD,
I can only open a few parts, and I have a shadow in my mind (I didn't study it any more later. At that time, whether there was a problem with the disk quality or the file was compressed at the beginning ). In the case of ZIP
In rare cases, this is one of the reasons why I was impressed with ZIP.

■ Viewing photos in the DOS Era

Now, what software is used for the image? For the author, it is best to use the SEA. After comparison, it is ACDSEE, and now it is an image browsing tool that comes with WINDOWS.

In my opinion, SEA was a magical thing. After all, in the age when everything was a word expression, suddenly there was a tool for reading photos, in those years, the effect was still shocking, but its effect can only be described as a general one, but it was already one of God's achievements.

Later, the first ACDSee version 2.41 was used by the author. Haha, I was quite impressed. In fact, it didn't have any special significance. However, after acesee, I learned from Microsoft and wanted to integrate all the functions. The author was so slow to open an ACDSee high version, this also allows the author to use a relatively long time later version, and finally re-install ACDSee when a computer is re-installed, rather than simply using a windows browser.

■ What is the best music?

In terms of listening to music, the author said that the contact was quite late. The first software used was the hero, mainly to capture the music on the CD, although there will be some loss in the sound quality, the author obviously did not care about this, but with the emergence of MP3, what is the significance of hero?

After that, I used winmap In the MP3 disc, which had never been used for many years. I also first came into contact with the player's scene mode and the adjustment of the balancer. After I bought an innovative sound card, I started to use the player that comes with the innovative sound card, this is mainly because the innovative sound card provided sound Optimization for many new games at the time.

After this period of time, a series of playing software, such as jingting and foobar, are also emerging. However, winmap remains the same in this industry. At present, the player used by the author is also
It is complicated and not too much attention. Basically, it includes WMP, and there are no too many requirements for anything, this is probably one of the reasons why the civil consumption market of audio is always unavailable.

■ Network Acceleration

When I first went online with the download tool, I had no idea about it, because after I bought a 33.6k omnidirectional Kitten, I directly clicked on the download tool, the download tool that comes with IE will automatically work. At that time, the download tool has become a required tool.

I first came into contact with the download tool because I saw the network ant in my classmate's home. I briefly introduced the difference between downloading this software and using the download tool that comes with IE, at that time, I did not listen to anything else.
I remember that this was a multi-point download. After cutting the file, I cooperated with many items. So the first thing I did when I went home was to download the file from ANT financial. However, at this time, I used a 56 K kitten.

After using the network ant, I noticed that there were many similar tools and most of them were strange. Like the network download acceleration tool, there was also a network acceleration tool, I still have the impression that there is only one fast cat and a whip, and other similar tools are completely hard to remember.

Internet Express may be one of the few download tools from that era. Although P2P download software is popular, download tools often require a deep family of users, at least they can organize their own download tools.
To impress everyone with your things. In fact, before BT, ppdian started to fire this thing (or it may have been very popular, but since the end of the test period, I have never used it again),
Since pppsthrough has no restrictions on the content, there have been many problems. Now, compared with software such as thunder, there are no more advantages.

■ Who will pay for anti-virus software?

When it comes to anti-virus software, many of my friends have been infected with CIH. CIH may have been one of the most impressive viruses in a single virus, this is mainly because I detected more than 700 CIH viruses when I checked my computer for a classmate. I was surprised. After all, the hard disks were not big at that time, all the files add up to 10 thousands or 20 thousands, and more than 700 viruses are not known in this classmate's computer for a long time, But what's even stronger is that there has been no problem with the computer for such a long time, I have to say that this classmate is very lucky.

Friends who have been familiar with computers are rarely attacked by viruses, so they don't want the system to be screwed up, so they only have to use anti-virus software. The first anti-virus software that most people use should be KV300.
I have never heard of Norton, but I don't know when it will appear in China. It seems that it will become popular in China after a large number of outbound enterprise versions, however, many of my friends have an impact on the system.
The speed is not satisfactory.

Today, the virus is rampant, and anti-virus software is getting increasingly pale. Although many anti-virus software may even appear in four or even five times a day, passive protection for pervasive viruses
Anti-virus software capabilities are very limited, and some netizens even proposed the anti-virus software useless theory soon. Although I agree with a lot of content, if no anti-virus software exists, I can't imagine whether this network dared.

It is not clear whether there is a virus in your computer, but if your computer is running bare, it is very difficult to avoid it. Usually, there is a antivirus software on all your computers, in addition, unlike other software, anti-virus software mostly adopts a radish and a pitfall strategy, that is, one computer can only use one anti-virus software, different virus killing software cannot work normally on a computer at the same time. These 1.1 cases are just something I don't understand.

To say that the virus is too high now, and the case of false or false positives will go straight up. I personally experienced the Norton mistaken killing event this year. At that time, the author was surfing the internet normally, probably at or just a moment ago, the system
Providing Norton is being upgraded. As a result, a virus is provided after the upgrade, and the system crashes after the virus is eliminated. Coupled with Norton's attitude towards this matter, I will not use Norton any more since then.
Yes, there is no need to pay for it.

■ What is the input method used now?

Nowadays, many people buy computers to play with computers and buy computers to go home and study on their own. Chinese input methods, like Chinese input methods, are also well-known and powerful. However, when I was studying computers, almost no one uses the Pinyin input method, because the first thing to learn about computers is to learn the five-stroke input method.

Do some friends still remember the software for this exercise? The name is TT, and five more exercises are called TY.

Today, I know that the entire website is still using the five-stroke input method. In addition to my colleagues, almost all of us use Pinyin to talk about the Pinyin of hot dogs. But at that time
I have been using the five roots for a short period of time, but after so many years, I entered about 160 ~ About 170 keys/minute. This time I made a test of the fingering software.
It only takes 70 or more keys/minute, which is much lower.

However, since the advent of the micro-soft Pinyin input method, Pinyin occupies the input method selection of a large number of online chat friends with the advantage of no special learning. After all, pinyin can be used as long as it has been used in primary school. However, if you are smart, you have to spend three to five days or even three to five months.

Now, you can find that there are quite a few input methods for both the five and the pinyin versions. Now, I use a lot of input methods for the very five Pinyin input methods. There is no other reason for this, you can also use Pinyin directly and do not need to switch the input method separately. This design is quite convenient.

■ What is rogue software today?

Apart from the combination of virus and anti-virus software, rogue software and security guard that scan and kill hooligans. The reason why the rogue software came into being is he Nian he Yue. I cannot tell you clearly. However, when 3721 and Baidu souba were in a fierce online competition, I unfortunately got involved.

At that time, I used a lot of Baidu and installed Baidu souba directly. At that time, it was quite convenient to use it. I didn't know when 3721 was installed. Until one time I entered a frequent
On the webpage, I see that "Baidu souba or 3721 software is installed on your computer. This site is firmly resisted. please uninstall it before you can access this site normally ".

I thought it was okay here. The small software was dispensable. Just uninstall it and find out how to uninstall it? Finally, we had to reinstall the system to access the webpage normally. The result is not long,
After one day of hard work, I found the same situation on this web page. This made me wonder when the small software was installed? I was shocked when I searched the internet for a moment. It turned out that the two were already playing so popular.

Now we only need to find two engineers to make a pretty good rogue software within a few working days, and the charge is not expensive, with thousands of dollars. But in that year, it was such a small software, let 3721 finished overnight products, and let
Zhou became a network celebrity overnight, a famous network rogue. Of course, Baidu is described as more cruel, but 3721 is more disgusting for a long time.

Since that time, various rogue software has appeared in the network almost overnight. The most common thing is to change Internet Explorer to another website, so as to make money through advertising revenue, at that time, almost all anti-virus software was facing
This is almost a rape-type intrusion into users' computers, but it is not worth mentioning. Now I know how much we know that, in comparison with the virus that people call out, the rogue software can be regarded as our peers after all. People wear shoes and interact with each other.
The main reason why anti-virus software collectively loses voice is that the face is not good.

It is ridiculous that, in the face of unlimited rogue software, many friends have to install 3721 to clean up other rogue software, and there are usually 3721 computers sitting in town, it was very rare to be attacked by rogue software, which was also helpless in the past. After all, compared with rogue software that is completely unavailable to people, there are limits on the number of rogue software in 3721, therefore, most of our friends can only choose one with less harm.

I don't know if Zhou has seen any business opportunities in this area. Since Yahoo was removed, he has changed from a rogue godfather to a security guard. At that time, security guard 360 has become a rescue star for everyone, and it will be plagued almost overnight.
The various rogue software of Chinese Internet users turned around with one stick. Of course, how much protection-based work was done by 360 in private, it was not something that our small people could know.

■ Game tool knowledge

When it comes to games, I'm afraid almost all of my friends will laugh. For everyone, I am afraid that the reason for buying a computer is learning or working. But after the computer enters the multimedia entertainment platform, the game is naturally indispensable.

Many people have played old games such as tomb shadows, DOOM, QUAKE, Red Police, and sand dune. The first game I played was very early. It was a kung fu-like game loaded on 286.
The game takes nearly 10 minutes. Later, I had 486 million RMB, and the first game I played was the yanlong Knights 2, followed by Red policemen and the Three Kingdoms. I kept up with the times today.

I was afraid that FPE software was the most widely used software in the game at that time. When I was playing yanlong, I got a FPE5.0 from my classmates. After opening it, I was dumb-eyed, it is useless at all. Under the guidance of my classmates, I first changed my money into a long string of 9, and since then I have become unmanageable.

PCTOOLS and FPE were the most used at that time, but the FPE that can be dynamically modified is obviously more recognized by everyone. In the past, PCTOOLS was just used by the author as a tool for modification. Isn't it a luxury?
Why? Later, I remember that after the PC version of the Three Kingdoms 6 went public in China, the current version was almost all traditional Chinese, and I first came into contact with Garbled text.

If there are garbled characters that cannot be understood, it is necessary to solve the problem. At that time, RichWin98 entered the attention of the author, and the result was not long enough. After a while, many new games were garbled and RichWin98 could not solve the problem,
Later, Antarctic star was recommended to the author by others. The author has been using a more XP system and directly used the internal code conversion tool developed by the software Microsoft
Applocale, Which is used all the time.

■ Text Processing Software

After talking about a lot of the above application software, it should actually be the first time that the old guys are familiar with the text processing system that triggers computer consumption. Some friends have noticed that before, all of them use typewriters for typing. If it is hard to say a word, a piece of paper will be in vain, so the typist was also a senior engineer.

Later, with UCDOS and WPS, the layout was quite simple, which allowed many organizations to join the army of computers, it can be said that text processing was also the first bucket that the computer industry had earned at that time.
Gold. In the past, the most popular word processing in China was not only WPS, but CCED was recognized as the No. 1 in the industry in China. From its entry into the National Computer Examination level, we can imagine that CCED was like
He is tough, but the glory of CCED only stays in the DOS era. after entering the multimedia era, CCED has never kept up with competitors and is gradually forgotten by the majority of users.

In fact, WPS has been suffering from OFFICE oppression. It was one of the first batch of software with only a few tens of dollars, but domestic users have "free" OFFICE, almost already
Standard. How many other people will use WPS again? Today, I can take WPS at most to see the effect of PDF, because it is relatively simple, fast to start, text processing, I don't know if Microsoft will beat many users back to WPS this time.


Today, many of my friends have said that the current development of software cannot keep up with the development of hardware, which makes the software in the current market somewhat weak. In my opinion, this is still caused by Microsoft's current software.
Every time the computer is updated on a large scale, we will find that this is all in the process of upgrading WINDOWS. With AMD disrupting the plans of Microsoft and Intel
The ability to grasp the requirements has been questioned by everyone. We can see this from the perspective of VISTA.

Recall that most of these old software needs to be developed for use, and many software is developed for commercial purposes, so that users can pay for it, naturally, we need to make people pay for the real thing. I don't know if there are still some simple tools available for development, Just Like BT.

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