How much electricity is there in the notebook? Monitor electricity on Win7 desktop

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When using a laptop, always worried that the battery suddenly did not power, Win7 in the lower right corner, although there is a battery hint, but the small icon is difficult to determine how much electricity is still left. How can the notebook's power display more accurate, a look at it? In fact, it is easy to solve this problem, as long as the Win7 desktop to add a battery gadget, on the desktop can be monitored at any time the notebook surplus power.

First, right-click on the Win7 desktop and open the gadgets window. The battery gadget is not Win7 and requires us to install it manually. Click "Get more Gadgets online" in the lower-right corner of the gadget window to open the Win7 Desktop Gadget download page.

Win7 Gadgets

Find the Notebook battery gadget and click "Download" to download it to your local hard drive (or click here to download it).

Download Laptop Battery Gadgets

Double-click to install the downloaded Portable battery gadget, it will appear on the Win7 desktop.

Add a battery gadget to your desktop

Right-click on the desktop of the battery gadget, open the "options", you can choose according to their preferences battery style.

Select Battery Style

When you open a lot of windows on the desktop, just move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen, all the windows will be transparent, exposing the small tools on the desktop.

View Battery charge

Desktop gadgets can be added in all versions of Win7, but windows are transparent and require a Win7 Home Premium version and above to be implemented. If you have a Win7 home version installed on your computer, you can upgrade the system by purchasing a Win7 upgrade key. The upgrade process does not even require you to reload the system, just enter the upgrade key and wait about 10 minutes.

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