How much is the contract value?

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We all know the importance of contract in software development, but how much is it worth? My answer is 50x2 + 200 + 100 = 400

Today, a customer called me and asked us to immediately send a person to Harbin. I said what happened. He said that a function could not be started and there was a lot of important data in it, I hope we can solve the problem. I said yes, but I can't understand the situation. I said I 'd like to use QQ's Remote Assistance to show it to me.

He said no. His QQ account has been stolen. I said yes. I applied for a number from his mobile phone, but remote assistance is still unavailable because the network is faulty and cannot be connected, as I said, I tried it according to my instructions and the fault still occurred.

I did not have any problems in my tests. Then I suddenly found that he set a Super User Password, but I usually did not set a password. After I set the password, the fault occurred, as he said.

Later, I checked the code. It turns out that the startup file format is different. The agreed format is as follows:

Path \ excute. EXE {guid} {password}

However, the actual processing is as follows:

Path \ excute. EXE {guid}

Therefore, you cannot try this function if you do not set a password.

What is this question?

First, the development should follow the contract. If the interface changes, consider whether the caller needs to synchronize the changes.

The second is that the testing work is not doing well. Generally, the default mode is used without errors. It does not mean that the special mode is normal.

Third, it is necessary to have a good communication if there is a problem. Otherwise, it will be a business trip, wasting manpower and material resources.

Oh, it saves 400 RMB this time, which is good.

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