How people who are tired of writing code do software development

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me, a 34-year-old middle-aged uncle. More than 10 years, from C + + to C #, from CS to BS. When you sleep, you dream of "missing object", "Undefined", "Failed to load resource". Not done before BS development Fortunately, the use of the technology is a little less. Now it's amazing, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, C #, Python, Java, Sqlsever, Oracle, MySQL. Anyway as a program ape is doomed to be a life of misery. In the past, some people said that transformation, management Ah, management is not a programmer, a bunch of vegetables forced the younger brother by this technical problem stuck not still have to find me!

Fortunately, last year the company organized to a cooperative unit to study, they do the project is a weekly cycle, this is not crazy? Now is the user experience, customers blink eyes to change the era of demand, how can be delivered so soon. So I looked for the manager of their project department. Manager Yuan listen to me after the bitter bitterness to see me completely is like looking at the ancient people's expression, "brother, you are still traditional development ah, we have long been based on the framework development." These two years have been hard and soft. " I've seen it here, too. The soft development framework they use.

The bottom of the framework is all set up, directly support the mainstream database, people who do not understand the code can be based on the wizard to do functional development. Workflows, apps, and the common component frameworks themselves are integrated. But their idea is good, although the 0 basis can be developed, but after the completion of the development will generate source code, such as I just have lazy cancer people, can rely on this framework to the basic work of the programmer to complete, and then focus on the logical part of the original code to modify the implementation. In addition, the framework supports distributed, cluster deployments. So you don't have to worry about performance.

Let's show you one of his main features:

first, the UI, the framework itself equipped with four sets of UI, they experience the Web page is like this. What is the classic version, fly version, dazzle version, flying version.

Second, rights Management--functional permissions, data permissions

Iii. Prerequisites for Workflow: Corresponding data tables/custom forms

Iv. Workflow-Process Design

V. Report Center

After the database SQL statement is configured, the preview effect is the last thing you do.

VI. Code generator

Once you've chosen the database you want, you'll be able to get out of the code as soon as you configure the information.

On the whole, this framework can achieve all the things that are needed in the work, and for those of me who write code like this, it's definitely a good thing for people with lazy cancer. This is a good thing to share, of course. can go to experience the function, their official website is:

By the way attached experience Address:

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