How Photoshop makes a dream spot

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The idea of making the spot heart shape is very simple. Process: First the desired heart-shaped painting, and then define a favorite brush, set the parameters in the heart after the shape of the light spot. Then use the layer style to increase the three-dimensional.

Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1, a new 1024 * 800 pixel, resolution of 72 of the canvas. Select the Gradient tool, the color settings are shown in Figure 1, and then pull the red to black radial gradient from the center to the corner as the background color.

< map 1>

< map 2>

2. Create a new group, create a new layer in the group, select the Pen tool, tick the heart-shaped contour path, as shown below.

< map 3>

3, press CTRL + ENTER to convert the path to a selection, and then fill the orange-yellow, as shown below.

< map 4>

4, enter the path panel, create a new path, with a pen in the middle of heart-shaped position to check out the closed path shown in the following figure.

< map 5>

5. Press CTRL + ENTER to convert the path to a selection, then feather the selection by 80 pixels, and press CTRL + J to copy the selection section's color block to the new layer. Lock the pixel area of the copied layer, select the gradient tool, color settings like Figure 6, pull the radial gradient from the center to the corner, and hide the heart layer, as shown in Figure 7.

< map 6>

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