How Photoshop strengthens the facial structure to create three-dimensional portrait

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How Photoshop strengthens the facial structure to create three-dimensional portrait

Here's a formal discussion of today's question: How to strengthen the facial structure?

Before I start, let me show you a few pictures.

Is this facial structure clear? Of course, the contour is strong to the explosion of the table. Why do you think the above photographs are very contour? Because the model nose aquiline, deep eye sockets, three-dimensional ah!

Wrong, nose aquiline, facial features three-dimensional, these adjectives are used to express the characters in three-dimensional space. So the question is, what are the factors that make you feel the three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional photo?

The answer is: grayscale.

As we all know, photos are made up of pixels that are densely packed with a single, different brightness (let's put aside the color first). High brightness of the pixel gives people a sense of progress, low brightness gives a sense of retreat. One after the other in the two-dimensional photo produced three-dimensional stereoscopic. This also explains why girls use cosmetic sticks on their foreheads, nose, and chin to rub brightly colored cosmetics on their cheeks.

Because the bright color produces advances, the expansion feeling, may let the girl's forehead, the bridge of nose, the chin appears more full, stands upright. The dark color creates a receding and shrinking sensation that makes the girls ' cheeks look thinner.

In the same way, our late PS revision to some extent is also in the make-up of girls. It's just that we do more nuanced than real makeup. Through the PS in the characters of the facial features of the deepening to depict the three-dimensional sense of the theme, resulting in the main words of the outline of the clear features. After reading the above content, we know that the deepening of reducing light can increase the face of the three-dimensional, but where should be deepened, where should the Dodge? A small partner will say that the makeup sketch is not already used in the area of the deepening and reducing the light to mark it?


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