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Configuring the service side

1, first of all, remote access has a certain risk, so be sure to set the permissions of the server users. Establish a remote access user.

2. Set the user's permissions under the user's properties.

3, set the server remote connection parameters, right click on "My Computer", select "Properties", in the Pop-up System Properties window select "Remote", pop-up remote parameter Settings window.

4, put "Enable Remote Desktop on this computer" tick, and click "Select Remote User", select just new remote access user added to the Access window, click OK.

 Customer Connection

1, click "Start" below the attachment menu to find "Remote Desktop Connection" or directly in the operation of the input mstsc.exe after the return of the Remote Desktop Connection window pop-up.

2, click the option to configure the connection parameters, such as saving the user name password, the local disk to the remote server and so on are very useful features. Have you ever been in a situation where some servers can remotely copy files, and some servers can't, that's because they don't bring the local disk to the remote server.

3, after the configuration of the parameters point "Connection", enter the username and password can enter the Remote Desktop Connection.

External network access Remote Connection configuration

1, the external network to visit the company's Remote Desktop prerequisite is a fixed IP, this can be solved by peanut shell, first download peanut shell to any of the local area network machine, and then installed, enter the registered free account number and password, landing can be.

2, then in the software routing inside do port mapping. The 1158 port of the extranet is mapped to the 1158 port of the intranet.

3, the remote time directly enter their registered domain name can be. For friends who are not in business and need to deal with the company's affairs, this will undoubtedly greatly improve the efficiency.

Attention matters

If you want to put the company's machines on the Internet, must install a firewall and anti-virus software, and the landing of the user and password to do the corresponding settings, first of all, the user's rights to allocate reasonable. Second, the password is best to increase the number of lowercase letters plus characters.

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