How should I select the first job as a fresh graduate who is determined to be a product manager?

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Now in Wangjing, thank you. Everyone is very good. The little girl is engaged in Internet products. she has worked as an intern for more than half a year (during her stay at school) and has been engaged in Web development for about three months. Someone suggested that I develop products for 1-2 years first. There are currently three offers. I don't know how to choose one. R & D personnel are now in Wangjing. thank you.
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Ladies and gentlemen, they are looking for Internet products. they have been internships for more than half a year (during their stay at school) and have also worked on Web development for about three months. Someone suggested that I develop products for 1-2 years first. Currently, there are three offers. I don't know how to choose from them:
  • R & D personnel.
  • A fortune group located in Chaoyang CBD, they developed a new project and asked me to develop three modules of the webpage (similar to secondary development, the boss basically gave me full responsibility, at first, I refused. On the one hand, the intern had never been in touch, and on the other hand, it was a matter of distance. last night, the employee said that the boss was willing to pay a higher salary than any other company. You are welcome to join me. I don't know how to reply .)
  • Product posts
  • A company in Zhongguancun Software Park is close to home. The product manager said that it could take me through a complete process, from preliminary research and planning to post-interaction design, working five days a week, with a salary of more than 3800.
  • Product posts.
  • Wangjing SOHO works from half past nine PM to half past eight pm from Monday to Friday and from half past one P.M. PM to half past eight pm on Saturday (HR said the company requires that you can go to work at half past one P.M. the next day after the previous day ), three meals, with a monthly salary of over 5000
    Today and Friday, we all want to start our job next Monday. my goal is to be a product manager. it is best to be a technical product. if you must select one of them, can you perform a big analysis? Thank you. Reply: The first one, regardless of which fortune group I know, is a broken place for products.
    Second place, not bad, that is, the salary is a little low. In addition, it is of little significance for newcomers to take the entire process. First, learn from the product documentation to cultivate their own logic of thinking.
    Third, it looks best now. First, the salary is relatively high; second, overtime is relatively harsh. Overtime is meaningless for the elderly, but it is a good exercise for new people, allowing you to do a lot of exercises in the shortest time. Any job requires a lot of exercises to become proficient. You can stay in this company for 1 or 2 years. after you become familiar with it, you can consider going to the second such company to broaden the breadth.
    1. First, you don't have to worry about it. they use you as an out-of-the-box temporary worker, and they don't want to create a real "product 」, you just want to get the ready-made open-source system and change it to your luck. besides earning some pocket money, it doesn't make any sense for your career.
    2. The second and third cases are not detailed enough to judge. at least you need to know the team situation and specific product directions, but you only talk about the salary.
    I will not repeat the answer in the private email. I can scan the QR code below to ask questions directly from experts who have many years of experience:
    As a product manager, you do not have to participate in R & D. If you want to be a product manager, you can directly select the product manager. You have also done front-end development. you are more technical than most product managers.
    For the time being, choose the one close to your home. To be honest, both the second and the third are not very good. The second and third payment are too low, and the third payment is too much overtime. It would be better to work for a while with the learning mentality, accumulate some experience, and then continue to find a more suitable job. Thank you for your invitation.
    It's the first one. I just graduated from college, but it's not gold. Time is.
    Many people suggest the third, and I suggest the second, if it is as he said. The second is the most worthwhile. However, there are A lot of companies in the round of death. I don't know if I will survive in the B round?
    As for the third company, it is not surprising that every company has worked overtime. Thank you!
    After reading the opinions of others, it makes sense. of course, everyone has their own opinions. Different experiences may vary, so I just want to give you a reference and hope to give you some inspiration.
    First, the boss is a local tyrant, which means that rich people have no culture. if a fresh graduates say they can give you a higher salary than other people, or they really have a bad salary, or they have no culture. From what you said, we should look at the second type. This kind of boss will only get hot at the moment, and it's just a moment to promise to you. if you don't reach the goal he expected, you can't finish it on schedule and do it with quality and quantity, you can turn your face over at any time! In addition, for such projects to be completed by an inexperienced freshman, it can be seen that the company is poor and there is no one who can lead you to teach you things. Self-taught progress is slow and will always be millet and rifle.
    Conclusion: The first one is strongly not recommended.

    The introduction of the second and third companies is not very detailed, especially the third. Here we will make a little analysis.

    The second family promises to take you through a complete project process, which is the most attractive and allows you to learn things you have never touched on, you know how to do a project, what problems will be encountered in the process, how to solve them, and various resource configurations. Of course, this is based on the reliability of your company, that is, the company must have a certain scale (to ensure the professionalism of teaching you something ), and you have a chance to get in touch with it.
    Well, it's not good. The salary of the second company is a little low. I'm not sure your salary in this industry is like this. I suggest you learn more about it, or try to understand the salary structure of the company. if the company is reliable, there will be a perfect salary structure, but I doubt the salary.

    The third company basically only saw the overtime information and did not see anything. However, I think you will surely be able to get in touch with the complete process of the product as a product ?! People did not directly say that they would take you through the complete project process. maybe they would have become accustomed to it! We recommend that you call the other party to learn more details. The treatment is also relatively reliable. we recommend that you do not provide more information for help Analysis.

    The final conclusion is that the first boss is unreliable. The second one shows that the company is unreliable in terms of salary, and the third has little information but has not found anything unreliable. We recommend the third place! Thank you!

    Think too much. if it was me, I 'd definitely find the highest-paying person;
    Learning technology doesn't have to begin with hello word, and it doesn't necessarily require technology for product managers;
    As an early product assistant, you only need to understand the product process (Business Process, operation process, this is important, you must learn to draw a flowchart, branch process, and exception process) and data (input data, display data) is enough;

    Then, let's go through the product process once or several times. in large companies, feel what the product manager should do and how to do it. make a good diary and weekly record, in two or three years, you can become a product manager;

    Where do you think you can learn more about product managers in a company? it's hard for me to work overtime and stay up late. thank you, my sister's experience is a bit like me. I have worked as a front-end developer for half a year before, and then transferred to work as a product.
    First, Technology is not necessarily required for product creation. At that time, it was nearly a year before I switched from the front-end to the product, and I had to give up the technology for products I had never touched. However, from my postgraduate practical experience and practical experience, I can determine that I am not suitable for technology. I am more interested in technologies, such as products and markets, and leave aside the familiar environment, it can only be said to be follow your heart! When I started my internship, I found that my technical experience could help me make judgments, but some of my colleagues did not have much technical impact. as a product manager, I paid more attention to my thinking.
    Second, Leadership is important. I have completed school recruitment and confirmed my work unit. Although I failed to work in an internship, I still really appreciated the capabilities and charm of the old product boss. I learned a lot from him. During the recruitment process, you also encountered multiple opportunities to choose from, familiar products, popular product directions, high salaries, great attention from leaders, and good leadership. Finally, I chose a good leader and preferred product direction. The product manager just entered the bank, with a salary difference of several thousand. at this stage, the most important task is to quickly learn things, so as to train people to learn things and avoid detours. I think this is the most important balance in the job search process.
    Finally, Listen to your heart. Whether we are looking for a job or in our daily life, we will face all kinds of noisy intrusions and choose not to give up or want anything based on reason. at this time, we will be really sad and unwilling to do things. At this time, we often have a choice in our hearts, just because we are too greedy, follow our hearts, and believe that we will be able to get in touch with all our efforts and efforts to make ourselves satisfied. Is the product manager in Beijing only paid at this point?
    The monthly salary is over, indicating that you are not a product manager, but an administrative assistant. 1. being a manager doesn't have to develop, but it will help the product manager.
    I strongly agree with the upstairs Point of View: being a manager doesn't have to be able to develop, but it will help the product manager. (If development is lazy, I will implement it myself)
    I am a developer, and our former project manager is planning. (Mobile game industry .)
    Why? Because of his rich experience than any of us, he knows the product process and many industry rules.

    2. my experience in the startup team is for reference. small companies need to talk about everything.
    I personally suggest that you say that the first one is not able to learn anything in this line, I really want to learn from small companies.
    My personal experience is that I once joined a startup team for development. I tried to chase other development colleagues and managers every day to ask why, and not always asked why. However, it is true that the explosive growth of my experience and knowledge is just like this. From the source code of the entire project to the flowchart, the business UML, to the initial lead development (main process) where the employee left the company ). From development, planning, planning, and art, of course, I am a server developer and have to deal with operations. Therefore, basically different parts of the mobile game can be learned, but not many things have been developed.
    At last, I resigned and went to study to find out that both the big Boss and the manager wanted to keep me in charge of another project to train and test me ......
    When I said goodbye, the boss said that the rest are people who care about whether or not the salary is deducted 5 cents or a dollar...

    3. What is your purpose.
    We are still young, and it is more important to spend a few years studying and thinking, because we will only consider the benefits in the future.
    If you think you want to learn, I think it is very important to bring you,
    If you want to be decent, then big companies.
    If you first thought about the treatment, which of the following would be more money.

    A personal experience is that you can easily access different resources and departments in a small team. if you want to work in a space faster, ask more.
    Another big company is not comparable, That is, the personal ability of a small company increases along with the company's progress, but the start of a large company is very high.

    First job: not necessarily a product manager. many people transfer to the product manager later, but they will be able to access the entire wide range of product processes.

    Large companies have high cohesion and low coupling, while small companies have high coupling and low cohesion.If you can work as a product manager assistant or related job in a large company.

    After playing so many words, it turned out to be a php girl, Sister, I think it is more practical to marry.

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