How should the notebook LCD screen be maintained and maintained?

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It is well known that the LCD (liquid Crystal display) LCD screen used by laptops has many advantages, such as "low power, no radiation, no dizziness" compared with the CRT (cathode ray tube) Cathode ray tube display used by most desktops, And to a large extent to protect the user's eyesight.

But in the display family, LCD can be counted as a noble miss Jiao, its physical characteristics determine the characteristics of it and the CRT compared to a number of additional attention to the place. If used improperly, it will greatly shorten its service life, then how to protect it?

Notebook LCD Screen Use considerations:

First, pressure, squeeze, touch, fall, smashing is a big bogey

Which pressure, squeeze, touch is most users in peacetime use of the most easily overlooked three points, and fell and hit is not common, after all, no one will take such a valuable item when the board brick throw.

LCD is made up of multilayer reflector, anti-plate, filter plate and protective film combination, and these materials are very fragile and very easy to damage, so once the outside of the force on the LCD will cause the damage can not be repaired, such as appear blurred, water ripple and so on, which affect the display output effect. If this is the result of LCD rupture, you can only change the screen, the price is very expensive to almost account for the entire notebook price 1/3-1/2.

Tips: When you go out to your laptop with a thick bag, placed in the process do not put heavy objects, moving the process as carefully as possible, to some extent to avoid the occurrence of the above situation.

Second, the switch LCD cover to pay attention to

A lot of ultra-thin notebook in order to reduce the weight of the machine will be the LCD lid is very thin and soft, this time the switch method is particularly important.

The correct switch method can make the LCD and the fixed shaft free from the uneven force caused by the damage, can also be avoided because the long-term switch method must not be covered by the phenomenon of strict.

Friendly tip: Force evenly, light open and close, hands operation.

Third, reasonable arrangement use time and adjust the display brightness

LCD and CRT, its service life is much shorter, about two years or so will appear yellow phenomenon.

Its display lighting from the device in the back of the lamp, after a period of time, the brightness of the backlight will gradually decline, which is to show the root cause of yellowing. In addition, the long time high load use also causes the liquid crystal particle aging invalidation and produces the dead center. Therefore, if the use of excessive fatigue, it will inevitably accelerate the emergence of these aging phenomenon.

Tips: Try not to let the LCD work for a long time in your daily use, and reduce its display brightness as much as possible. When you need to leave the computer for a while, it is best to use the shortcut keys to temporarily shut down the LCD backlight.

Four, use the computer as far as possible diet

This is also a lot of users often overlooked point, the face of the computer to eat is a very bad habit, especially those rich in fat food, when eating will inevitably not splash. One is to cause the keyboard and other parts of the pollution, there is the possibility of splashing on the LCD and leaving some difficult to clean stains.

Tips: For the sake of computer cleaning and your health or eat things to work again, after all, while eating food on your body is also a certain danger.

V. Pay attention to prevent the LCD from being scratched

A lot of computer users have the habit of using their fingers to point on a computer screen like the piano. Maybe it's to make the audience understand what they're talking about. But for LCD, this is a very bad habit.

The first thing to do is to leave some very difficult fingerprints on the LCD surface, which is as hard to clean as oil. It is also important that fingernails may leave a permanent mark on the LCD when you inadvertently do it. Although this does not affect the use, but it has a very good effect on beauty. In addition, because some notebook computer keyboard design is relatively high, so close the LCD on the screen and the surface will be intimate contact, so if not careful also may leave the LCD can not repair the brand.

Tips: When working in a computer, the position of the finger is on the keyboard and the mouse, remember not to be AWOL. If there is a condition for closing the LCD lid, it can be separated from the keyboard with a thin film paper between the two (usually the new machine will be included).

Notebook LCD Screen Cleaning notice: LCD in the use of a period of time will be contaminated with a lot of dust, in order to ensure that the face of notebook computer clean, as users need to regularly wash his face, but this face is fastidious yo.

One, soft cloth + water

The LCD is often just some dust, so it's easier to clean up. You only need to use a wet soft cloth gently wipe off the surface of the LCD dust on it, note that this piece of cloth should not be too rough, otherwise wipe the screen will be scarred. In addition the soft cloth must wring dry, because the water is the natural enemy of the LCD. Dry the wet trace after cleaning.

Second, special cleaning agent

When the LCD screen is full of the finger prints you left on the piano and the grease spilled on your food, you need to use some special LCD screen cleaners, in the notebook computer stores or some big cities in the electronic market can be basically bought, remember not to casually using some unknown detergent and alcohol solvents, It is possible to contain some corrosive chemical constituents.

The price of special cleaning agent is relatively high, and the capacity is comparatively small. But since so many silver notebooks have bought, also do not care about this Besty, otherwise if because uses the inferior detergent to rub the LCD problem to be possible that is not Besty can solve the problem.

Tips: Rub in the process always follow a direction, MO painting Dragon.

LCD is the face of the notebook, users most of the time to face it work, so the protection of LCD is a very noteworthy problem. If you want your laptop to have a nice face after some time in use, be nice to it.

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