How soon does it take to learn PHP? Learning route? Do you want to enroll in training courses?

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I am a sophomore school's big three letter female this major This road is really difficult to go on, want to learn php self-learning ability can also ask High People to guide the learning process and views on the report cram school around a lot of people report there are also a lot of training courses in our school to publicize it is really tangled, but more inclined and self-study, because very immature, think that is cool to say, please kindly advise one or two here thank you! it is really difficult to go down this road to believe female's major. I want to learn php's self-learning ability by myself. I also want to ask someone to guide the learning process and view the cram school. many people around me report to the training course and there are also a lot of students. the training class is really tangled but tend to be self-taught because it is not mature, so cool to say
Thanks for your feedback. well, I am not an expert on PHP, but I am an expert on how to learn PHP.

I will explain it in four aspects!
  1. How long does it take to learn PHP as quickly as possible?
  2. Efficient Learning methods
  3. Specific learning route
  4. Similarities and differences between self-study and training

-- Wait a moment. some students in the classroom ask questions .----

-- Come back and continue ---

I. How long does it take to learn PHP as quickly as possible?
The discussion of issues without preconditions will only become meaningless quarrels.
Therefore, set two prerequisites:

Prerequisite 1. the student base is "no language basics" and "proficient in computer operations (playing the keyboard, creating directories, etc )".
Premise 2. "learning PHP" refers to taking the official job in PHP.

On this premise, you can learn from PHP, whether on your own or in training. Ultimate SpeedYes: 2 months!

A classmate named "xingluo" learned his work in Nanjing on March 13, 2013 in 56 days and obtained an offer.
The learning time of "xingluo" is 16 hours every day.

Here is his learning and interview process:
Interview questions [1]
Interview questions [2]
Interview questions [3]

In the past two years, hundreds of students have graduated from high school, Guwen, English, lathe workers, security guards, and miners in Zhangjiakou,
They spent two months learning from Boolean. To work in PHP.
The fastest one is 49 days. they study every day for 12 to 14 hours.

How can I learn the short term of 2 months?
In fact, you should ask: Why can't I learn for 2 months?
The Olympic Games are pursuing the limits of human physical strength.
Why don't we go to the limit of mental power when learning programming?

On the sprint, scientists thought that a hundred meters and 10 seconds was an insurmountable limit.
But after Jim Heins broke through, more and more players broke through this limit.
So the true limit lies in your heart.

Of course, subjective hard work alone is not enough. scientific and efficient learning methods are the guarantee for quick learning.

II. efficient learning methods --There are no shortcuts to learning programming, but you can avoid detours.

The fastest way to programming-iterative learning and Boolean education The theoretical basis for two months of training.
What is iteration?

Most of the teaching methods are one course and one course.
In a course, it is a chapter, a section, followed by instructions.
---- This is wrong for programming!

The correct learning method ---
First trunk, then crude, and then details, With students Step-by-step, iterative.

Take the HTML course as an example. almost all the courses come up to talk about tags, p, h1, h2, p, pre, ul, li.
Imagine: a 0-based student, suddenly told him so many labels, can he not faint?

Even if The so-called "famous teacher"It is nothing more than a loud voice, PPT and notes.
But this wrong teaching method, The more detailed the PPT is, the more students will not learn.

The correct way is to check the Web page first, regardless of the label. if it is the cloth,
How can we cut it into the upper, lower, and lower parts? -- Master first
How can I cut the middle part into two left and right parts? -- Rough line
How do I insert text images between the left and right sides? -- Details

If you do not understand this learning method, please take a look at the sketch process.
A correct sketch step is a typical iterative learning process.
While While Most teachers use tiled teaching methods., Such.
Have you understood iterative learning? Have you understood iterative learning?
If you still don't have one, we suggest you read my "8 hours learning HTML web development ",
This course is a typical example of Boolean education. Unique "Iterative Learning"
Please let me be arrogant. this is the best HTML webpage course in China, not "one ".

Because I have seen few people in the world, I have met Wang Shuang, author of assembly language in computer teaching. he can be Zhiyin. Wang Shuang (China's famous computer science educator)

3. specific learning routes

First iteration(6 days, quickly grasp what PHP website is like)
  • HTML (3 days learning + 2 days practice) Tutorial: 8 hours learning HTML web development
  • PHP3 hours light speed entry (half-day learning + half-day exercises) Tutorial:

Second iteration(14 days, consolidate the theoretical basis of PHP, and use process-oriented Blog)
  • PHP basic consolidation (3 days of study + 2 days of exercises) Tutorial: PHP basic consolidation-self-taught IT network
  • MySQL3 days of basic consolidation (the day of learning training, a total of 3 days) Tutorial:
  • Blog development (cookie/session, file upload, paging class, GD thumbnail, verification code, this project will be trained for 6 days)
    Video Address: km1j

Round 3 iteration(4 days, continue to improve theoretical knowledge)
  • PHP object-oriented (2 days) Tutorial: Link: apvl
  • Common PHP object-oriented classes (one day): write Upload class, thumbnail class, paging class, MySQL class
  • The same is true for the object-oriented Blog (one day ).

Fourth iteration(7 days, frameworks, and other practical development tools to prepare for employment)
  • Http protocol (half-day) Tutorial: links: x538
  • Regular expression (half day) link: k7tk
  • TP framework (1 day) Tutorial: see the next line.
  • Using TP framework to do a mall (5 days) Tutorial: ed5i (released on 16/07/17)

Fifth iteration(7 days, js, jquery, and other front-end skills)
  • Javascript (2 days of study + 1 day of practice) Tutorial: learn Javascript in the dialog boxJS games-do not step on white blocks
  • Ajax (half-day learning + half-day exercises) Tutorial: the first 10 sets.
  • Jquery (2-day learning + 1-day exercise) Tutorial: jQuery practices

Sixth iteration(4 days, Linux server)
  • Linux (3 days) Tutorial: Linux basics
  • Lnmp environment (1 day) Tutorial: teaches you how to compile PHP7 (nginx + mysql + php7)

Seventh iteration(Three days, the secondary development of practical open-source products. although the set template is low, you cannot guarantee that you must go to a large company, right ?)
  • PHPCMS template (1 day)
  • Ecshop secondary development (1 day)
  • Discuz plug-in development (1 day)
Eighth iteration(Interview and practical employment Technologies)
  • Svn + git (1 day)
  • Bootstrap response layout (1 day)
  • Development (1 day) Tutorial:
Ninth iteration(3-5 Year,Note" Year")
Various frameworks, JS depth, MySQL optimization, PHP underlying layer, Linux O & M, network, C language, python...

IV. differences between self-study and training
Note: The learning methods have similarities and differences, but the knowledge has no similarities and differences.
Whether it is self-study or training, CURD, the CURD, for loop, or the for loop

The answer tends to be "self-taught", because "it's cool to say". This is really good news.
It shows that you love programs, not just learning for the sake of life.
You must be an excellent programmer"

In fact, training means spending money to buy a learning atmosphere and time.
Self-taught by one person means saving money by perseverance.

In my experience: same 0-based students
It generally takes 6-12 months to learn by yourself.
Training generally takes 2 to 4 months.
The total training cost is generally between 10 thousand-20 thousand, which is about 2-3 months of salary.

The difficulty of self-study lies in:
  • It is not mandatory. the learning time is easily interrupted by mobile phones/QQ,
  • It's easy to get frustrated. it's a small problem. I didn't figure it out in the morning, and I didn't give any advice from the teacher.
  • Learning and practice are not uniform. I only watch videos and feel like I understand them. I often don't finish my case or project carefully, which leads to a superficial Foundation.

Therefore, if you are still away from employment, such as your sophomore or junior year, you may wish to learn for yourself.
If you are near to employment, you may wish to train.

However, no matter which path you choose, hard work is a must!

5. Why is the PHP Training cycle longer than 2 months?

Two months from the pursuit of the limit, but we do not have to torture ourselves like a monk.
Borte meters can run for 9 seconds, but he won't sprint for meters every morning, right?

Previously, Boolean education used the limit teaching method for two months.
So most of the previous classes did not have a girl. why?
The intensity is too high. even boys are tired and have dishes.

If we are better at ourselves, plus a month, a total of three months, the learning pressure will be much lower.
If you consider the "negative basic student"-not even familiar with the keyboard, add a basic course for one month.

So ---- if training, 4 monthsThe time is more than enough!

If you continue to lengthen the cycle Not starting from teaching, But from Business startNow.
After all, it's easy to lie to Tom and say, "Look, we're teaching a lot ....."

-A week is the fastest ......

First day, morning, Basic syntax
Everything in all programming languages is actually quite simple:
Declare variables, assign values, operations, judgments, loops,
-- It takes me two hours to get the content.
Because there is nothing to say.
Here we can also study the differences between integer, floating point, string, object, and array.
By the way, I also learned how to convert the codes.
Then the difference between the establishment of method objects and the use of include require
-- These are just two hours. of course they are not difficult to use, but they are the simplest to call.
You can also understand public, protected, private $ this->, and self:

OK. Let's have lunch.

First day, afternoon, database
How to connect to a database, how to use a database, and SQL statements
(Only simple applications such as add, delete, modify, query, and limit order by group by are involved)
-- This may be difficult?
Then you can find a database class to learn how to use it,
You can also access the extended class library.
-- I just reviewed my knowledge in the morning.


The next day, HTML, GET/POST in the morning, preliminary understanding of JS and CSS
One morning has passed-it has little to do with PHP.

The next day, in the afternoon, I will explain how to establish the MVC concept in the preliminary entry file.
This may be difficult, but it can be further explored.
A. php
$ A = $ _ GET ['type'];
If ($ a = 'login '){
Include 'login. php ';
If ($ a = 'newmessage '){
Include 'newmessage. php'
For example, this is a very simple entry file.
This can be easily understood.
In this way, you can learn to build a simple message board-of course, it is not automatically refreshed.

The third day, class/class library, OOP, modular programming ideas

The fourth day, how to track errors and quickly locate errors
In fact, the basic tutorial on PHP is completely considered to be over.
Basically, any program is complicated.

Day 5: HTML uploads JS JQ AJAX
Day 6: complex SQL statements and database optimization
On the seventh day, the initial contact with frameworks, caches, and other applications
Do not face a target ......
Thank you for not going to sleep in the middle of the night. when you see this question, please answer it.

I don't know how long it has been used by others. I only use my situation to tell you my answer.

The answer is: one month.

Let's start with the situation: I have never been familiar with programming. I don't want to talk about php, html, or css. well, it's actually nothing.

End: you can write a website independently and deliver it to the customer.

Website functions include article management and image management. In addition, there is a simple Forum and Q & A Forum.

There must be bugs in the writing, but the basic functions must be usable.

Websites include the frontend, backend, user Center, membership system, and third-party interfaces such as qq logon interfaces without payment interfaces.

Why do I remember a month? The customer gave me a 500 red envelope if it was completed within one month. I got the red envelope.

This is even more because I have now embarked on the path of Codoon.

Learning sequence: html, css, js, php

Why is it in this order, because the customer had to look at the progress from time to time, I had to make a static page model to coax him.

What should I do? Baidu. At that time, there was no scientific Internet access.

In addition, you have noticed that this is one hundred times more important than the previous one !!!

If someone calls you when you get stuck, it may take a day or two to solve the problem! Sometimes you may be stuck in a very basic question for a long time, and you may not be able to find the answer to this question! Because you will write those tutorials by default!

Learning (or working ?) Time: no statistics have been made. if I am tired of writing, I will sleep in my sleeping bag. when I wake up, I will continue to write. when I am tired, I will sleep ...... Let's talk about taking a bath or something ......

The sleeping bag is still in the cupboard at home, and I never used it again, but every time I see it, I think about it ......

Writing: procedural, what? Object-oriented? Sorry, not at that time. I will be in the next month ......

Ask the customer to make up the strong expression when they want to see the code during secondary development of the project.

Framework? Sorry, I didn't know this at the time. In fact, I knew that I was already using my own framework when an open-source framework was available ......

Read more, comrades! Why have I suffered so much if I knew thinkphp was used?

What a painful understanding!

I still remember the first time I saw someone else's system code as a shopnc C2C Mall. at that time, I still didn't know what a single point of access and what an oop is, after reading it, I found that tm can still be written like this?

Well, thanks to shopnc. it wasn't the current one. now I went to your website and went to an ecshop. what do you mean by phone harassing me for three days?

What should I do if I am not sleepy after half past three?

Let's end. to sum up, a person who is so stupid can learn this degree in a month (not dare to say that he has learned it), and someone should learn it in a shorter time, people with basic knowledge should not be as painful as I was at that time, because at that time many things were known, but I did not know why. many things will not be understood until I go back to c.

Important points:
1. someone you want to bring or someone you want to ask.
2. Target yourself.
3. there must be pressure. if someone is following you and urging you to make progress, your motivation must be different from just a few clicks on the keyboard.

1. you can pick up the task on the Weike station, so someone will urge you. Don't worry about the money, because you may not want to do it at any time and buy a new mobile phone card, open a new mobile phone number (I won't tell you what I did when I learned a new language or skill)
2. if you have a good project, don't look for outsourcing, because you may have met me at the time.
3. if you have time requirements for a project, do not go to Weike station to issue the task. The reason is as follows: 1.
4. you 'd better build your own technical team.
5. if the fourth article cannot be done, please learn programming by yourself.
6. do not pursue speed in Development. the fastest project I have done is 8 days (another miserable story, my sleeping bag almost re-emerged from the world), and the slowest one is my current company, I can write an order system for a month or two. I believe that the difference between the two projects can be seen by people who have their own experiences.
7. apart from php, please learn at least android and ios. if you only use php, believe me. the interface you wrote for the first time must be reworked.
8. learn c. If you think it is boring, you can play with a single-chip Microcomputer. what, Assembly? Now the single-chip computer can run c, okay! (Did I expose my age ?)

In addition, I hate js.

I always think that people who have been writing js for a long time are just like those who have been driving (driving a real car, not an old driver). swearing is a string (in my opinion, if you have a background in c, c ++, and java, you will soon get started with php. you can first learn thinkphp, use the wamp integrated environment, and phpstorm editor. Use this framework to understand the web development principles. remember to add, delete, modify, and query key points! More than a month, depending on your own situation. During this period, you can familiarize yourself with html, css, and js (through 3 w school ). Including php sound, recommended
During this period, you can watch video learning (there are a lot of tp framework videos) and project exercises. I have almost understood the web development mode. I can change to yii, phalcon, and laravel. After getting familiar with one of these frameworks, you can systematically learn about them. Development Mode: Learn about the nginx server, linux system, http protocol, algorithm, and so on.
My current php development environment and tools
1. php + mysql + nginx (configured in vagrant)
2. laravel framework
3. database visualization tool sequel pro
4. test tool postman
5. git network engineering, a code management tool, has some C and java basics. After three months of study, I got a job. I didn't learn about it in college, and sometimes I had time. Why training!
If you want to learn PHP, is it self-study or training? My advice is that it is too difficult for a girl to find a job. It is mainly used by employers to attract people with glasses. It is generally not recommended that girls do programs. The reason is similar to the following.
Too much emotion and poor communication
I am afraid it is inconvenient to work overtime in the middle of the night or I am not willing to add
I am afraid of getting married and having children. I am not very worried about my work.

Php is not difficult. it is easy to learn how to build a small website. it is better to have good abilities.

If you can learn a great deal, there will be projects on github, the above estimates will make employers look at each other. But if it is an ordinary programmer. Most companies prefer boys.

In addition, most programmer groups despise training schools. the most popular ones are those from prestigious science classes and those from non-scientific science classes. The most undesirable thing is the training school. Of course, it depends on the corporate culture. if it is a small company, it is estimated that everyone is half an eye. The companies that Tsinghua Peking University cannot see are not so much.

To put it bluntly, why do girls not learn front-end technologies and write programs? the market gap is large and their wages are high. In addition, compared with the backend, there is less gender discrimination.

Don't look at the day when a group of male programmers lack sisters every day. they are not lack of female programmers, but lack of encouragement teachers! I am a sophomore, and I am also a student of the primary school. I had no idea about this a year ago. This is because I am not very familiar with the WTO, so what I said is not necessarily useful, but I still hope to provide some help or inspiration to the landlord.

Let's talk about my php learning experience first.
I started to learn php at the end of last winter vacation. at that time, I was still a web hacker, but now I have mainly written four websites:
1. website for recording notes. This is the first website I wrote, or is it written in a mix... Xss was used to show off when I was writing it... The interface is quite rough, but through this getting started, php and mysql
2. personal blog. Common features, classified comment article Management, the interface is also simple, also mixed writing, then further solid php and mysql, and began to use bootstrap
3. book trading website. The project needs to create a second-hand book transaction website, so the function will not be described much. at this time, we know that the front end is separated, the front end angular, and the back end php. At the same time, the laravel framework was deployed on the backend and the background was rewritten. At this time, github is used. Various front-end css effects
4. personal blog. Since the frontend and backend are separated, they can no longer go back to the mixed editing method, and they are increasingly unable to read their blogs. So during the winter vacation, I re-wrote my blog, but I used the client to render it. this time I continued to learn about the laravel framework and wrote my blog using the laravel framework. I deeply felt that laravel was powerful. (previously, I only provided APIs, here is the real learning)
Lnmp, vps, redis, vagrant and so on are also involved in the middle.

Then let me talk about my views on learning php.
W3school is a very good website. you may not understand the tutorials of html, css, and js, but you can come back and check them if you know these things.
Next, I tried to write several static pages to familiarize myself with html and css. Later, you can learn php and mysql to write several dynamic websites. at the beginning, you can use software such as wamp, xampp, and phpstudy to deploy them on windows. Follow the steps in the tutorial and start to try new things on your own. In fact, this step is basically about database operations.
Then we started to develop several well-developed websites, such as personal blogs. Basically, I can make a personal blog. php should be a beginner.
You can go to the php documentation later, or access the php framework (Laravel is strongly recommended ). Be sure to write more code and write more. this is the fastest way to learn.

As for training institutions, I think it is not difficult to learn php by yourself. if you are interested in this aspect, you can learn it soon.

I hope that I can provide some help for the Study of the landlord, not to recommend training. some training teachers are really low. To be honest, I also watched some training videos in the early stages of my study, but when I have a certain level, I find that the teachers are really good at low. You can't even look at them directly to understand the problem. Your initial thinking determines your future development direction. Of course, there are also good ones, such as Yan 18, who has a high ticket above. He has a large number of lectures on the internet. if you want to, you can learn by yourself.
However, one thing I do not agree with is what we say in two months. it takes a long time to accumulate a lot of knowledge. it takes two months to understand the knowledge. I have been studying for more than a year and still feel like a scum. Learning needs to be open again and again. you may not have enough time to think independently for two months. Don't talk about the limits of the human body. it's hard to exercise a lot of muscles every day. What's more, the brain still needs to program and learn such a huge amount of labor. Sometimes, people cannot win the Sky. you must recognize it.
All in all, if you choose training, select reliable training and find a good teacher. Whether trained or not, any fast-paced gimmicks are untrusted. Having the java and c basics is the best, and learning is very fast. I had the java basics before,
The learning route is
Php native base-smarty engine-mvc development, according to smarty write a micro-framework-tp framework, it is best to learn tp3.2-yii2-and then find a job
-------...... -... -----

If there is no foundation, I suggest you finish learning Native php, learn from regular expressions, and understand the basic principles of the smarty engine. the language is not the key, the idea is the center of development, and the front-end knowledge is also necessary. ajax, json, html5, js, and jquery. if you are still interested, you can learn some strange hacker technologies like linux, shell, xss attacks, SQL injection, and so on, in actual development, git, composer, and so on are also required. Basically, the foundation is well laid. First, we should build a project in the company first.
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