How the computer realizes the "secret" communication between the internal and external network

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In order to better manage their employees, some companies prohibit all employees from using instant messaging software at work. Although through e-mail and other means can also be very good communication, but after all, no instant messaging software convenient and fast. Is there any way, that is, the use of instant messaging software, and will not be network management to find it? Do not mention WEBQQ and other schemes, because our network management blocked Tencent's related domain name, unable to access.

"Ideas for solving problems"

The so-called "Mantian", for readers to encounter such problems, we have two completely different solutions. The first is to use some of the relatively small number of instant messaging software, so because the relevant domain name is not blocked by network management, so you can carry out communication between the two sides. Another approach is to use synchronization software to synchronize a file, to write the content of the communication, or to complete the instant communication operation.

"How To solve problems"

Create a private chat room

In fact, there are many tools available for instant messaging, such as Weibo's DMS function is one of them, but here I recommend the use of "Jane Chat" this service. First through the browser to open the "Jane Chat" official website (, according to the prompts to register an account login can be. The system will first require the creation of a chat group name, and then click the "Create" button to successfully create a chat group (Figure 1). Then the system will ask the user to enter each other's e-mail address, click the "Next" button can send invitations. If only temporary use, we recommend that you click the "Skip this step" command, so that directly into the chat page.

Click on the "Visitor mode" button in the page and click the "Get Access Link" button under "visitor mode" in the pop-up "Conversation Settings" dialog box, where you can get a temporary chat link (Figure 2). Send this link to each other via email or SMS, and when you open the link through the browser, set up your own ID information. Then enter the chat at the bottom of the page and press ENTER, so you can start the instant chat (Figure 3). And every time a new content is received, a prompt window pops up in the lower-right corner of the system. As to send files and other operations, and QQ software similar, here is no longer introduced. After the chat is complete, we recommend that you turn off Guest mode in the topic Settings dialog box.

Sync Software part Time Chat

If the user does not want to "chat" registered account, then also can try "BitTorrent sync" this synchronization software. First install and run this sync software, if it is the first time to use, click "This is my first Sync 2.0 device" button. Then create your own ID information and click the button in the upper-left corner of the main interface to select a folder for synchronizing files (Figure 4). Next, see the name of the folder you just added in the list, click the "Share" button, and select "Read and write" in the "Deadline" button in the pop-up dialog box.

Now click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner, select "My Device" in the pop-up menu, and click the "Connect Device" button in the pop-up dialog box to see a two-dimensional code in the pop-up window. Or click the "Manually connect a desktop Device" button, so you can get a bunch of key information. Send this key information or two-dimensional code to each other, and the two sides can successfully create the synchronization link. Finally, create a text file in the Sync folder, and then sync to each other when you enter the chat content. When the other person input the reply content, can sync to our system, also can realize online chat.

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