How the computer remotely controls software to create a local area network

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Through the introduction of the main topic can be seen, the current computer is not in the LAN, in other words, these computers are connected through the Internet, have their own IP address. We can use a number of professional remote control software, according to the need to install client software and server software, so that the simultaneous implementation of the remote control of multiple computers to operate, so as to achieve a secure and closed "LAN" network. In this LAN can be completed remote data transmission operations, such as file transfer, screen control, information transmission and so on. We will use an excellent remote control software radmin.

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First download the latest version of the Radmin Compression Pack (, after decompression can find the server-side program installation package RSERV34CN and client program installation package RVIEW34CN. First, the server-side program installation operation, after the installation is completed, select the "Configure the user access permissions for radmin Servers" option and click the "Finish" button. Next click on the "Use Permissions" button in the Pop-up Settings window, select "Radmin Security" in the pop-up dialog box and click "Use Rights" (Figure 1). Then in the pop-up "Radmin security" click the "Add User" button, enter the username and password to set up a radmin security account, such as we created here the user name is ABC. When you are finished, select the account you just added in the list of users, and then select the control you want to give to each other as needed in the permissions list. It is recommended that you do not select Remote screen control, as this will affect the remote user's mouse operation. After setting up click "OK" button, restart the computer system for confirmation (Figure 2).

Next we do the installation of the client program, after installation, click the Second "Add a new online" icon in the toolbar, enter the IP address of each other in the pop-up window and the port used by the server program, and then you can add the remote computer to the following list of users (Figure 3). When you need to set up a local area network, right-click on the icon on the other host will pop up a function menu, which includes file transfer, screen control, screen viewing, telnet and many other remote control commands (Figure 4). For example, after selecting the file Transfer command, first enter the Radmin security account that you created earlier in the Login box that pops up. When the service-side program completes its identity, it can see a File Management window divided into about two parts. The left side is the disk directory of the local computer, and the right is the disk directory of the remote computer (Figure 5). You can quickly transfer files directly by dragging them from one window to another.

As for the other control commands are very similar, here is no longer introduced. Computer knowledge

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