How the computer uses the virtual digital keypad to input data

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1. Virtual keypad to fill in the form more quickly

When it comes to some frequent data entry, the financial staff are more accustomed to using the numeric keypad on the keyboard. If you use a simple keyboard operation without a keypad, a row of data keys can be awkward to operate. If the virtual a digital keypad on the screen, click Input data with the mouse, you can make the form data entry more convenient.

These requirements can be achieved by means of a numpad green gadget. The software only has a NumPad.exe program file, in the form to run the software, in the Table editing window press Win+k to get the software focus, you can do keypad digital input (Figure 1).

Small tip:

The Win+k key in Windows 10 is defined to turn on a wireless monitor connection or an audio device connection, so the software is only suitable for use in versions below Windows 10.

2. Virtual soft keyboard password more secure

Now many net silver or security level of higher network software, in the input password will provide soft keyboard input way, this can block some deliberate to intercept the keyboard operation of malicious software. However, not all network environments provide this input. Encounter does not provide such a convenient input environment is not afraid, we can build their own virtual keyboard input.

In the network environment that needs to enter the password, can use the Neo ' s Safekeys software to the virtual keyboard input password, enhances the network password input security. Operation, first enter the password in Neo's Safekeys, and then select the Password in the Password box below, drag the selected password into the Web page password input box, complete the password input (Figure 2).

In addition, you can also use the jammer to ensure the security of the keyboard input password. Keyscrambler is a keyboard jammer input software, the software supports 29 mainstream web browsers, when the input site password, it will be encrypted input, malware interception will be untrue keyboard input information, so that the malicious software to get the password.

After the software runs with a red K icon to host the system tray, right-click the icon and select options to enter the settings, select the Advanced tab, you can set the protection of Windows login password, Windows browser, space encryption, support East Asian language input functions (Figure 3). In the General tab, you can set the switch software Encryption Protection Hotkey (default is Ctrl+shift+k, if there is conflict with other software, you can change the software hotkey settings).

Small tip:

You can also use the soft keyboard with the input method, or turn on the virtual soft keyboard provided by Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

3. Although for the film key professional sound effects proposed

Are you envious of the sound clicks of a mechanical keyboard? It doesn't matter, now you can let your "rotten apricot son" the same keyboard into a resounding mechanical keyboard! We can use a software tickeys to simulate the sound effect of the mechanical keyboard, through the help of the speaker, so that the process of entry to become more cool.

Tickeys software is automatically hidden after running, we can at any time by pressing the QAZ123 key combination to activate the Software Settings window (Figure 4), from which the keyboard can choose the sound effects (there are mechanical keyboard, bubble, typewriter, sword gas, etc. optional), but also can choose the volume, tone. Select the Startup check box, the keyboard will automatically appear after each boot operation (of course the speaker to open).

Small tip:

Need to exit the software sound effects, you also need to press QAZ123 key, in the Settings window, click the "Exit Tickeys" button to exit the software.

4. Press which button the screen tells you

When you use the keyboard, you sometimes press the wrong key. If you can display the key on the screen to remind, the keyboard button operation visualization, you will find errors in time. By Keycastow software, you can achieve the above purpose.

After running the software, float a blue-white tip on the screen showing "Hi there,press any key to try,double click to configure." It means that you can see the effect of the software by pressing the key, and you can enter the software setting by double-clicking the cue bar (Figure 5). After all the key actions, the software will display the pressed keys in time with a different cue bar.

5. Keyboard tamper on the "software lock"

If we want to temporarily clean up the desktop, and do not want to shut down the computer and even screen images, but also worried about the keyboard during the operation to destroy the task, you can give the computer a "software lock." With Blockinput software can be done. People with children at home, the software should be able to help.

Blockinput for a green software, double-click the download to the BlockInput.exe run. After the program runs in the system tray, right click on the tray icon and select settings, set the shielding shortcut keys (such as ctrl+q) and shielding time (Figure 6).

Then, when you need to lock the keyboard, press the shortcut key combination, the desktop is locked, and display the countdown information. Watch out! If the time is too short, the protection will not work, so please set the time to be long enough. If the time is set too long, you can use Ctrl+alt+del to lift.

Small tip:

Win+l in Windows actually has the function of locking a computer. But the difference is that the software locks the current operating interface, and the system Win+l lock to start the lock screen interface, can not let the work environment screen outside.

In addition to the above software, Keyfreeze, Anti-shaya and other software can also achieve the temporary shielding of the keyboard.

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