How the spell check function in MindManager is used

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The spell checker function in MindManager2016 mind map is like most standard spell checker, run spell check (please refer to the spelling checker of the MindManager 15 mind map settings option), check all topic text and notes text on the map, You can also use the automatic spelling feature to check spelling when you enter text and use the AutoCorrect feature to automatically replace clearly misspelled words with a modified version, this article explains How to spell check the map in MindManager2016 .

Start spell check

On the Review tab, in the validation group, click Spell Check or press F7.

The spelling checker can check all the topics in the map (general topics, labels, and floating topics) as well as additional notes, whether collapsed or not, and the collapsed theme is only expanded when a misspelled or duplicated word is found.

If the spelling checker finds an incorrect spelling

The spelling checker dialog box opens and the word appears in a field that is not in the dictionary.

If the word is misspelled, you can:

Select Replace with any of the suggested suggestions (click the suggested Word), enter the correct word in the Change to box, and then click:

change The spelling of the modified error.

The change all corrects all occurrences of the word on the entire map.

automatically corrects changes to the word and adds the misspelled word and its correct version to the AutoCorrect list.

Alternatively, you can correct the misspelled word directly by editing the subject text, and then click Restore in the Spelling dialog box to resume the spelling checker. If the word "not in the dictionary" is correct, you can add it to the dictionary, select Add Word to the following dictionary file, and then click Add to Dictionary.

If you add a word to the Custom.dic dictionary (a Microsoft Office file), in MindManager, any word that you add to the file will also be used for the Office application.

Click Ignore once without changing the word and continue, or click Ignore all to not change all occurrences of the word in this spelling session (if you want to permanently ignore the word, you must add it to the dictionary).

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How the spell check function in MindManager is used

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