How the Linux system configures the DHCP service

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Everyone knows that DHCP can be dynamic IP address assignment service pull! In a network, it may not be a lot of computers in the case, everyone so always manually assigned to each computer IP address, such as the majority of network settings. Perhaps there is a network of hundreds of computers, we also want to set up a platform for their IP address, so I hope that people will always adjust the dizziness, but also on the string jumping around running. How does the Linux system configure the DHCP service?

DHCPD background program always read the configuration file/etc/dhcpd.conf, the following gives an example of the DHCP configuration file on my host:

Ddns-update-style Interim;

Ignore client-updates;

Subnet netmask {

#---Default gateway

Option routers;

Option Subnet-mask;

# option Nis-domain "Uc88.domain";

Option Domain-name "Uc88.domain";

Option Domain-name-servers,;

Option time-offset-18000; # Eastern Standard Time

# option Ntp-servers;

# option Netbios-name-servers;

#---Selects point-to-point node (default is hybrid). Don ' t change this unless

#--You understand Netbios very

# option Netbios-node-type 2;


Default-lease-time 259200;

Max-lease-time 518400;

# We want the nameserver to appear in a fixed address

# host NS {

# Next-server;

# Hardware Ethernet 12:34:56:78:AB:CD;

# fixed-address;

# }


The above means:

Using as the subnet mask, using as the broadcast address, using as

Default gateways, with and as the range of assigned addresses for DNS servers:

Save exit

Four. In most cases, a DHCP installation does not create a dhcpd.leases file, and you must create an empty file before you start the DHCP server dhcpd.leases


To start the DHCP server, simply enter the/USR/SBIN/DHCPD or use #ntsysv to automatically start the DHCP service

This is used to boot dhcpd on the eth0 device, and you may want to start dhcpd on the eth1 device,

#/usr/sbin/dhcpd eth1

How to observe the customer's IP in the end there is no access to it?

Run Winipcfg at 98

Run the Ipconfig/all under 2000

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