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TM Chat Log viewer (hint: Register 1 sets, can be used on 3 pcs) The software can view TM chat records without a password.

Use the method, run directly, then select the TM number you want to read, and then click the number you want to view the chat record. The software can see the previous chat record of installing the software.

Note: The software must be installed to the target number to use the computer to be effective, because the software can only view the computer installation software chat records, but also the target number in the software after the installation of the software again on the computer landing.

In addition, the software can see records that were not deleted before the software was installed, and all records after the software was installed (including records deleted after the software was installed). This software principle is the user once landed, the software backstage program secretly to import the chat record into this software. You can see it later with the software. So be sure to allow the software to boot automatically run monitor yo.

TM Chat Record Viewer

Use steps:

1. Open the software.

2. Log in to your TM.

3. Wait 1-2 minutes.

4. A buddy list of login numbers appears on the left.

5. Select the friend in the left list, the right window, display the chat content.

Tip: The software runs 1 times, after which all logged in TM Chat records.

Serious statement: Please do not use this software for illegal purposes, otherwise the consequences of the ego!

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