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The search function, of course, is not going to go away, and in Win8 it's just a change of place, and it's becoming more powerful than ever. First, let's look at how to get the search box, where we recommend two methods. The first is to slide the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen and then lift up, the first one on the top of charm bar is the search button.

The search key is located in Charm Bar

Another way is the "Windows key +x" key combination can also find a search, into the search after the screen is the following.

Enter the text you want to search for, but we found that there is a big difference here, that is, you can switch the "application", "Settings" and "file" three tags, switch to the specified label on the appropriate range to search.

Search interface

Powerful still below, Win8 's global search allows us to search for almost any content in applications that support search capabilities. For example, we want to search "QQ", in the input box after the "QQ", in addition to the "Application", "Settings" and "file" shows the number of files, we can also click the following application icon. Click "Application Store" is in the application store search for the key word for QQ application, click on "News" can search for QQ-related news.

Global search searches in the application store

So how do you set up a global search? Turn on "Change computer settings", Switch to "search tab", and then "Use these applications for search" below the application you want to use are set to "open" on the OK.

Global Search Settings

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