How the WIN8 system removes redundant accounts and removes redundant users

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Now a lot of home computers have a lot of people to use together, so sometimes in order to protect privacy, will be in the system to add a few accounts, log into the computer when you can choose to enter the account, this method although the privacy of individuals have a strong guarantee, but in the computer system is not the security of the protection system. In fact, the local account only need one on it, multiple account switching log into the computer system can easily crash, the information on the computer is a threat. The following small series on the WIN8 system as an example, teach you how to delete redundant accounts.

WIN8 system to remove redundant users tutorial:

1, the system under the same time press the "Windows" and "X" key to open the System menu, select "Computer Management."

2, "Computer Management" under the interface click "Local Users and Groups", the right side of the interface double-click Select "Users."

3, pop-up all user accounts after the right button to choose to delete the account "User123", click the "delete" option.

4, Prompt "Delete user cannot restore and may cause unable to access its own resources", click "Yes" to delete the user.

5, "user123" account deleted successfully.

In addition to the above small series to teach everyone to delete the redundant account method, there are many other methods are applicable, but small series for everyone to choose is the most simple way to operate, those who are afraid of troublesome small partners can try the above method, quickly operate it!

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