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How to set up the wireless router? Nowadays, most of them are a wide band of people, so they have to use routers. And when it comes to routers, it has to be mentioned that there is no line, at home not only computer use, mobile phone also need to use AH. Exactly how to set up a wireless router, this is a lot of children's shoes puzzled things. Now wireless devices are becoming more and more popular, especially for everyone's smartphones, tablets, already have WiFi, wireless router How to set up WiFi, to provide wireless network for their mobile phones, small knitting now here to share with you how wireless router settings. Hope to bring help to everyone, small knitting oneself is also follow this step to complete the setup.

The wired broadband cable is plugged into a no line from the WAN, and is then directly connected to your laptop (or desktop) with a network cable from the LAN port. Then open the browser, input is generally or (specific view instructions), input management account and password, are generally admin, enter the Setup wizard, step by step, fill in the past, according to the broadband source to do a good job, if it is ADSL, To fill in the username and password, if there is a fixed IP address or not a fixed IP address broadband, you need to fill out the necessary information.

For data and wireless network security, and then to the Special Wireless column to start the key, General choice of WEP, fill in the key to be set up, pay attention to the number of key, look at the page prompts, and then select the route in the route restart, not manual power, and then OK, found to the routing signal, Enter a preset password all OK.

The steps for setting up the router are as follows:

First, if you have a wireless router, then put the power on, and then plug in the network cable, the line into the WAN port (usually the blue port), and then connect to the computer network cable to plug in which LAN Kou.

Enter Router address

The first step: After connecting the wireless router, in the browser to see the address of the router, is generally (of course, if your home is using the telephone line on the Internet, you have to prepare a modulation mediator, commonly known as "cat").

Enter the appropriate account password

The second step: the entry will see the corresponding account and password, generally new bought are admin.

Select Settings Wizard

The third step: indeed after entering the operating interface, you will see a set on the left of the wizard, aggressive entry (the general is automatically bounce out).

Go to the Setup Wizard interface

Step fourth: Go to the Setup wizard interface.

Enter the Internet way to set

Fifth step: Click Next, enter the Internet mode setting, we can see three kinds of Internet choice, if your home is dial-up then use PPPoE. Dynamic IP general computer directly plugged into the network can be used, the upper layer has a DHCP server. Static IP is usually a special line or something, it may be the cell bandwidth, the upper layer does not have a DHCP server, or want to fixed IP. I chose PPPoE because I dialed.

Enter account password

Sixth step: The choice of PPPoE dial-up Internet must fill in the Internet account and password, this should be all understand, open broadband will have an account with, fill in the OK.

Set the router's password

Seventh step: Then the next step into the wireless settings, we can see the channel, Mode, security options, SSID and so on, the general SSID is a name, you can fill in, and then the pattern is mostly 11bgn. Wireless security options We have to choose WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, so safe, Lest you let others crack and rub the net.

Set success

Eighth step: The next step is to set up successfully.

Automatic restart of router

Nineth Step: Click to complete, the router will automatically restart, this time you wait patiently. The interface that appears after success.

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