How to Access MySQL with Python Version 3.4

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How to Access MySQL with Python Version 3.4
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Python comes in Versions:python 2.7.6 which have now been superseded by Python 3.4.0. The critical line in Python to access MySQL is "import MySQLdb"

Thanks to a response from StackOverflow, I realized that I was unintentionally accessing MySQL through Python version 2.7. 6. Apparently, "MySQLdb" is not compatible with Python version 3.4.0.

Searching the internet has disclosed alternatives for connecting Python to MYSQL, however, many of the suggestions does not Disclose whether the offered solutions would actually work with Python version 3.4.0.

This StackOverflow Post listed some possible solutions. Python 3.4.0 with MySQL database. I installed Mysqlclient 1.3.6, I also ran "sudo pip install Pymysql" with out error.

However, upon entering Python with "Python3"; I still received the error message "Importerror:no module named ' mysqldb '" after typing in: "Import MySQLdb". So something was still wrong.

As an FYI MySQL evidently have its own connector, but I don ' t know whether it works or does don't work with Python 3.4. Connecting to MySQL Using Connector/python I would have a to look into this more.

Any advice in how to connect Python 3.4 with MySQL?

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The documentation for MySQL Connector/python says Version 2.0 should work with MySQL Server 5.5-5.7 and Python 3.3 and LAT Er. So I would say it ' s a good bet. If it doesn ' t work, the follow up with the What error you encounter and I'll see if I can help.

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Thanks. Would give it a try. –steve R. June 1 ' at 17:27
Let me know if it works. –synergist June 1 ' at 17:43
sort Of. When I type in just plain python then "import mysql.connector" it works. When I type in  python3 then "import Mysql.connector" it fails with the message "Importerror:no Modu Le named ' MySQL '. implies a configuration issue (such as path) with Python 3.4.0? – steve r. jun 1 ' at 18:04
how Did you install MySQL connector? – synergist jun 1 ' @ 18:09
Turns out, the new version is available through the Ubuntu software Center. However, I had to remove the old "Python-mysql.connector" (version 1.1.6-1) before I could install the new version of the Python connector. I only ran the install from the Ubuntu software Center. Did not underake any other configuration. –steve R.June 1 ' at 18:20

How to Access MySQL with Python Version 3.4

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