How to access the database print barcode by the Image barcode printer

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This document takes the image 214PLUS printer as an example

1. Open the Image label designer

2. Design label This document takes the 32*19 label as an example

First Design tab check start new label format

Select the blank label format Click Next

Select Printer Click Next

Select Specify custom settings Next

Select multiple labels and lines fill in 1 and 3 Click Next

Default does not move

Fill in the width and height of the place 102.7 and 19 respectively click Next

Select box

Manually set to fill 2 on the water

Default Next


  1. Start Designing labels

    Select the barcode to put in the blank tab out of the barcode style to adjust the appropriate size position

    Select text in a blank label appears text style resizing position

    I'll start by explaining what my label is all about. The large sample text on behalf of the "Product name" Call Database Content Intermediate Sample text represents "Price:" fixed unchanged below the left side of the representative "commodity price" call database content the right side represents the Chinese character "yuan" fixed unchanged

    Double-click the sample text to modify content

    If this text does not call the database content such as: "Price:" "Meta" are fixed double-click the sample text modification

    Select screen data to write price in the lower space: or Yuan

    4 Setting up the database now I need to call the product name bar code price in the database.

    Right-click Database settings

    The Database Setup wizard appears click Next

    Choose a third next step

    Select Settings

    Select Server Use Win login to select Cspos_v6 OK


    Select DA_SPDA Add


    5. Add a database connection to each module

    Double-click the sample text above to select the database field using Item_name to write the product name in the sample data OK

    Double-click Barcode Setup Barcode Sample Data fill in the maximum number of digits of the barcode you want to print the product

    If you want to print the barcode of the product is 123456, 12345, 123 you fill in the sample data 123456

    Double-click the sample text setting to display the price

    So it's set.

    Click Preview to see if the content you want to print is

    It's mine

    After design, point printing

    Select Record

    Cancel the selection of all records

    Then select the items that need to be printed such as: Stool to print 3 folding tables to print 2 tapes to print 1 test items do not print double-click the blank space in front of the stool to fill in the number of sheets you need to print

    So the first time we've designed the image tag, we're done, and we'll save the label we designed.

    Click Save above

    Select path to write saved name

    Next time you double-click the icon in the printer, double-click the label format you just saved.

    Then click Print to select the printed item

    It's done.

How to access the database print barcode by the Image barcode printer

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